Retain Amaravati as the capital city of Andhra pradesh state in INDIA

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Dear Prime minister Narendra modi ji

We would like to bring your kind notice the problems being faced by the people of Amaravai.

Amaravati is a  planned capital city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The location was chosen as it is the geographical center of the state.

Chandrababu Naidu recognized as the creator of modern Hyderabad chose a greenfield spot on the banks of the River Krishna. He named the place Amaravati after an old Buddhist site by that name located merely 60km away. Naidu, being a keen student of history, wanted a Buddhist name for a specific reason.  The name, he averred, would attract the Buddhists. He even wanted to make Amaravati superior to Hyderabad.

In the last fortnight of December 2019, Chief Minister of AP Mr. Jaganmohan reddy announced that Andhra Pradesh would have three capitals—Amaravati as the legislative capital with the state assembly, Kurnool in Rayalaseema as the judicial capital with the high court, and Visakhapatnam in Uttar Andhra as the administrative capital. Farmers of Amravati, who had contributed land for the state capital, are up in arms. What will happen to the 33,000 acres of land acquired by the government from over 20,000 villagers in 29 villages? . 33,000 acres of farmland had been given by the farmers and the deal was that they would reap the benefits of urbanization and global investment.

The farmers did not ask for the capital city,it is the government that has convinced them to give their lands to the capital city. With the government now announcing three capitals arrangement, the farmers are set to lose the lands given by them.This evidently shows immaturity, lack of knowledge and carelessness of Chief minister of AP Mr. Jaganmohan reddy

More ever the Andhra people require the capital city to have multidimensional verticle growth in fields of education, research, and economy. A capital is ray of hope and assured asset for every citizen and that's what Andhra Pradesh was lacking off.

now the farmers can neither tilt their lands nor use it for any other purpose. All their lands are affected by construction activity.  Most lands are left without cultivation for years, so it’s difficult to reuse it, It is a huge loss to Telugu people because the previous govt had spent so much money on designs, roads, and infrastructure. changing capital at this juncture is suicidal and a lot of taxpayers' money will be going into the drain.

in this context, we request Primeminister Shri Narendra Modi Ji to intervene and refrain Chief minister of AP Mr. Jaganmohan reddy from going ahead with his three capitals plan. Amaravati is the heartbeat of Andhrapradesh. It is going to be the lifeline of Andhra people.