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Grant Harvey Proctor a Royal Pardon for his 1987 gross indecency prosecution

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In May 1987, Keith Harvey Proctor, then a Conservative MP, was convicted of four acts of indecency with underage male prostitutes. Unlike Alan Turing who was pardoned posthumously in 2013, Harvey Proctor did not lie to the police, and the crimes of which he was convicted were incited by a tabloid newspaper. Indeed, it might be argued that the people who incited them were more guilty than Proctor because unlike him they knew the rent boys concerned were underage. At the very least they should have been in the dock with him.

On top of this, Mr Proctor has recently performed a valuable service by exposing the British police for the morons they are. On August 25, 2015 he held a spectacular press conference, the video of which was uploaded to YouTube the same day. Detectives from New Scotland Yard spent two years and untold sums of taxpayers’ money ostensibly investigating an ectoplasmic paedophile ring, dragging the names of both the living and the dead through the mud on the word of fantasists and liars.

Mr Proctor’s press conference exposed that farce for what it was, that and the danger of pursuing alleged historical sex crimes or any historical crimes without strong corroboration. The UK legal authorities have still not learned this lesson. Granting Harvey Proctor a pardon will help focus the police, the CPS, and ordinary people on the necessity for reforming this corrupt system, in particular by abolishing anonymity for accusers, bringing in a statute of limitations, and meaningful criminal sanctions for those who make gratuitously false allegations.





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