Reduce impact of Caste and Religion on the Indian electoral process

Reduce impact of Caste and Religion on the Indian electoral process

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We have an excellent opportunity to rid our electoral system from being further manipulated by Politicians based on caste. This is also an important initiative to protect the voter of any constituency from powerful forces which threaten them and force voters to vote for thugs.

The EC made a suggestion that they would prefer to use a method called “Totaliser” where the votes cast in 14 polling stations are mixed before the results are declared. The intended idea is to NOT declare results per polling station, but to mix the results of multiple polling stations of the same constituency and declare the result.

This way the Politician and his party cannot do caste mathematics and or threaten voters after results are declared as he will not know who voted for or against him and in which polling station.

This is a progressive move because for too long Indians have been divided and ruled based on caste and Religion, which clearly comes in the way of parties fielding capable candidates rather than ones which belong to a particular sect.

 The links below are just two example of this report which appeared in almost all newspapers, just sharing two links for you to get updated.

We do not find it very surprising that successive governments do not want this enforced, they want to continue to manage their citizens. It is time for the citizen to make themselves heard so that the government understands how important this move is.

It is indeed shameful when newspapers proudly proclaim in their headlines that a certain party has made its caste calculations well and won their seat. It does not matter which party does this, what matters is that this is still happening in our country.

This is perhaps one small way to make India rid itself of its caste bonds. The suggestion that parties need to learn where they did not deliver seems very weak, in this age of social media there are several ways how an honest party can get opinion from its citizens.

Do support this in large numbers, forward to your contacts and ask them to forward and keep this going. Let our various political parties know that we Indians are tired of being manipulated and want to rid ourselves of this curse in our political landscape as a beginning towards greater freedom and opening up the posts of ministers for people with serious intent towards development.