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Accomplish the will of Svetoslav Roerich – save the Nicholas Roerich Museum in Moscow!

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The largest non-governmental Museum in Russia, holder of the world's largest collection of Roerichs’ paintings, which is cooperating with the UN and UNESCO, is facing the threat of eviction onto the street and the deprivation of invaluable cultural heritage.

The Non-governmental Centre-Museum n.a. Nicholas Roerich is unique! It was founded by Svetoslav Roerich, younger son of the Great Russian artist and public figure Nicholas Roerich. For 26 years of its existence, the Centre-Museum has become a leading center for the preservation, study and popularization of the Roerich family heritage and the center of consolidation of high humanistic ideas related to the culture preservation and development in our country and in the entire world. The exhibition project "the Roerich Pact. History and Modernity" which is dedicated to the protection of the world cultural heritage, was held in 16 countries and more than 100 cities of Russia since 2012.

Centre-Museum’s peacekeeping activity has been highly praised by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and has been supported by the UNESCO Director General, Irina Bokova. In May 10, 2015 Irina Bokova personally visited non-governmental Museum as a sign of respect to its work on preservation of culture and peace. The Centre-Museum is deservedly recognized with many awards, including national and international awards.

But high achievement does not provide protection. For several years, the Museum has had to defend its right to exist. This is evidenced by ongoing legal proceedings initiated by the Ministry of cultural affairs of the Russian Federation with the purpose to deprive Centre-Museum of the Roerichs heritage and buildings of the Lopukhins ' Estate, in which Centre-Museum is located and in the restoration of which the public invested hundreds of millions rubles of donations were.

Recently, this dramatic situation has reached its climax! On November 24, 2015, ownership rights of the Lopukhins ' Estate were transferred to the Federal Property Management Agency. A day later, the building was transferred to the operational management of the State Museum of Oriental Art, which is subordinated to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. All this is inconsistent with the will of Svetoslav Roerich. When he transferred the family heritage the Motherland to create a non-governmental Centre-Museum in Moscow, he put forward the requirement: the Museum should have a non-governmental status and be placed in the Lopukhins ' Estate, which Svetoslav Roerich had personally chosen. He wrote: "the Subordination of the Centre to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, and especially to the Museum of Oriental Art would lead to unjustified, in my opinion, a deliberate narrowing of the objectives and opportunities of the Centre. <...> the idea of the concept of the Center-Museum is that the most optimal functioning can be achieved in the NGO organization status". The government accepted these conditions and documented assurance of their performance. The will of Svetoslav Roerich was supported by many prominent figures of culture and science, including M. Rostropovich, D. S. Likhachev, E. M. Primakov.

The present situation crudely violates the will of the founder of the non-governmental Centre-Museum. Under the pressure from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the Russian Federation the process of eviction of the Centre-Museum n.a. Nicholas Roerich from the Lopukhins’ Estate can be launched in the nearest future, as well as the attempts to confiscate priceless cultural heritage which is carefully preserved by the public.

Dear friends! The international community of the entire world sees with pain the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria. So let us prevent the destruction of culture in our own country! Sign the petition now and spread it as widely as possible, in order to save NGO Center-Museum n.a. Nicholas Roerich from destruction.

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