Justice for Shaikh Mohsin Ali Najafi

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It's come to our attention that some security agencies have unlawfully deprived prominent Shiite cleric and Pakistani patriot Allama Shaikh Mohsin Ali Najafi of citizenship and put him under Schedule IV Anti-Terrorist Act Pakistan 1997 by National Counter Terrorism Authority. Thereby his National Identity Card (CNIC) has been cancelled and all of his accounts including those of various trusts etc.; operating under him as Chairman/Managing Trusteeship; have been seized. This is not acceptable and we demand immediate justice for him and an investigation of those who are responsible for it.

The allegation made has not been communicated, no charge sheet to this effect has been issued and he has never been asked to represent his case or an inquiry made. Further to this; during the last 50 years of his noble, generous and humanitarian activity; not a single case, FIR, allegation, claim, accusation or even a complaint has ever been lodged against him from any corner of the society or bureaucracy etc.

The action so taken has not only astonished and shocked us; but also the peace and welfare loving people of Pakistan, especially of the Shia Asna Ashry Community.

Following facts for the information of Humanity and the peace and welfare loving International Community are hereby placed for conscious mind people of the globe:-

i. Sheikh Mohsin Ali Najafi is a scholar of exceptional stature with 20 books to his credit; including the renowned tafseer of Quran “Al-Kauthar”
ii. He has been residing in Islamabad from the last 50 years’ and is running different educational, religious and welfare projects for the welfare of general public of Pakistan
iii. During the last 50 years he has established numerous welfare projects which are being run through different institutions. The details are given below:-
a. Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust
b. Hussaini Foundation
c. Kauthar Educational Trust
d. Kauthar Institute of Higher Education Trust
e. Jamia Ahl-il-Bait Trust
f. Alamdar Islamic Trust
g. Uswa Education System
iv. These institutions/organizations are being run by experts of relevant fields. By the grace of God not a single complaint has been lodged against functioning of these trusts till date.
v. Due to these orders our activities particularly in the field of health and education have come to a standstill.
vi. Activities of 74 Educational Institutions including 12 Inter Colleges, 2 Girls Inter Colleges, 4 Technical Institutes and 2 Para-Medical Colleges has directly being affected;
vii. Educational career of over 20,781 students is now being jeopardized along with 1310 faculty members;
viii. Scholarship and educational support programs for talented and needy students are at stake;
ix. 3 Hospitals having a daily average 375 patients is being held up and treatment of poor sick people is at stake;
x. Various support programs in 2005 Earthquake in Azad Kashmir and 2010 torrential storms in Indus Valley, which include housing and support to down trodden people of Pakistan are now nearing closure; and
xi. Many other humanitarian and welfare activities are now being closed due to this embargo.

Surprisingly neither any notice has been served before issuing above said order nor has he been contacted for Verification/enquiry.

Condemning any person without providing proper opportunity is not only against the justice but it also defeats the spirit of natural justice.
It is apparent that the few elements in Pakistani government and security forces are targeting people who preach love, peace and tolerance. Other prominent Shiite clerics and scholars like Allama Amin Shaheedi and Allama Maqsood were also put under same category.

Shiites have been persecuted in Pakistan for over 30 years. Despite the constant Shia Killings for last three decades , instead of violent retaliation, the Shia community has always responded back with the message of peace , love and unity among the people of Pakistan.

But there was no action taken against the perpetrators by security forces. The terrorists have been roaming free in a country without any fear. Instead of apprehending them, security agencies have taken action against peaceful citizens of Pakistan. This is not acceptable.

We urge the Pakistani Government and United Nations to protect Shias in Pakistan and take serious actions against terrorist elements like SSP, ASWJ, Jundullah, Taliban and other terrorist groups. Shias will continue to peacefully fight for their rights. Our masters and spiritual guides of Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) taught us that it is better to die with honor and dignity than to live on your knees. We will not let fear control us, and continue to demand justice.

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