Government falsely implicates Rashid Baloch under terrorism charges

Government falsely implicates Rashid Baloch under terrorism charges

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IHRC Hong Kong started this petition to Mr. Imran Khan (Prime Minister of Pakistan) and

PAKISTAN: Government falsely implicates Rashid Baloch under terrorism charge


This is an urgent request to save the life of Rashid Hussain. We need your urgent assistance in stopping the potential deportation to Pakistan from UAE.


Despite the issuance of Urgent Action to save the life of a young Baloch from the intelligence agencies of UAE; and the signature of hundreds of appeals to the authorities, intervention of  international human rights bodies including UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and UNCHR Abu Dhabi, the government of Pakistan through Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) falsely implicated Hussain in attack on Chine Consulate in Karachi on 23 November 2018. The government of Pakistan is asking UAE authorities to deport him.


As the CTD has failed to curtail terrorism in the country it justifies and validates its existences by implicating innocent under terrorism charges, many of the innocent were subsequently acquitted in courts for want of evidence against them.


Sahiwal tragedy is a prime example of CTD’s inefficiency where a couple and their teenage daughter were shot in front of their minor children. as per media reports, the couple Khalil and Nabeela and their teenage daughter along with the driver of the vehicle were shot dead by CTD officials near Sahiwal toll plaza, after the officers asked the driver Zeeshan to stop the car. Luckily the couple’s three other children survived the shooting, the ten year old son and 7 year old daughter sustained bullet wounds, luckily 3 year old daughter escaped unscathed.


To cover up their actions CTD declared the deceased as terrorists then as went viral it was revealed to the world that the car was attacked without any warning. Then on seven different occasions CTD has changed its statements and in the end it was proved that CTD did un-called extra judicial killing. 


Following the same routine of contradictions in the case of Rashid Baloch, on January 29, 2019, Pakistani news channels cited Pakistani police a source, stating that a person named Rashid Baloch has been arrested by Sharjah police. Pakistani police have accused Rashid Hussain of being involved in Chinese consulate attack and have claimed Rashid was involved in sending 0.9 million Rupees to the attackers. This is  complete fabrication and it could be easily cross checked in any bank because Rashid has no bank account in any bank of Pakistan. The money trail can be cross checked in his UAE bank account also.  Rashid is not involved in any illegal activity as per the UAE police.



IHRC-HK believes that, if the accused is found to be involved in any illegal activity he must be produced in a court of law in UAE. He has hired a lawyer already. We fear that this news was issued to frame Rashid Hussain Brohi as one of the culprits of the Chinese consulate attack in Karachi so that this accusation can be used as basis for his deportation to Pakistan.


Interestingly UAE authorities do not even admit Rashid’s arrest or any charges against him but their Pakistani counterparts are confirming that Rashid is under the custody of UAE authorities.


Rashid has never been wanted or escaped from any court of Pakistan neither he has any official charges filed against him. On 20th of January, Rashid’s lawyer went to the security office and was told that there is no case against Mr. Rashid Hussain.


Despite the passage of more than a month, Rashid has neither been produced before a court of law nor his family given any information about his whereabouts, this is highly concerning and very distressing for the family.


Considering the given facts, we fear that the UAE security officers would unofficially deport Mr. Rashid Hussain to Pakistan.


Therefore, we need your urgent attention to help Rashid and his entire family. If they deport him it will frustrate the cause of protecting the human rights defenders. Moreover we apprehend that Rashid may even be killed in custody, as is a norm in Pakistan. We urge the UN and UNCHR to urge the UAE authorities not to deport Rashid as there is an apprehension of his death in case of deportation.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!