16-year girl (Uzma) brutally beaten up and killed by her employer.

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A 16-year-old house worker was brutally tortured and murdered by her employers in Lahore, Pakistan.  Uzma Bibi - was regularly beaten up and had several fractures as a result. She was also made to sleep on the floor of a bathroom at night and made her hungry.  She was killed by the three women, two of them are mothers and one is working in the media.

Uzam Bibi was killed because she tried to eat some meat from the curry of the employer's daughter plate.  Three murderers were hit Uzama and later dumped the body.  Uzama Bibi was unconscious after the hit but they did not take her to the hospital. 

Now we need justice for Uzma Bibi. Prime minister of Pakistan please take an action against these women who are not the human they are barbarian or evils. The three women, namely Mahrukh, her daughter Aima and her sister-in-law Rehana, were allegedly involved in the murder. Follow the law and hang them. Otherwise, we will develop the society where we have these evil powers.  Prime minister of Pakistan you promised us that you create the society of Medinah. Just think, if you still not raise our voice, can you meet Holy Prophet at the day of judgment?

The sinner is not only the one who does a sin sinner is also who does not go against this sin.