Replace our Minister of Communications and Multimedia

Replace our Minister of Communications and Multimedia

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We are demanding the current Minister of Communications & Multimedia to step down as he had clearly showed to us he is being bias and not doing the work for the betterment of Malaysia.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) is a GLC company that should bring return to Malaysia. However, after Mr Gobind Singh had been elected to become the minister, TM share price had drop from RM6+ to RM2.27, losing almost RM12 billion market capitalisation. Surprisingly, Maxis (another Internet Service Provider) shares remain strong, RM5.40 and it was known indirectly every decision that had been made benefits Maxis instead of a win win situation.

We as Malaysian raised concern whether this minister have a proper planing and understanding of Malaysia telecomunication industry. Every single issue that been raised, instead of doing a proper job he push the blame to TM without explaining anything as a Telecomunication Minister should do. He should had known the reason why fiberization of whole Malaysia is a difficult process but again he shift the blame to TM. He had also been biased by not addressing any issue that citizen had raised regarding maxis or astro.

There is also a rumors or speculation that it is a plan so that Maxis will be able to buy TM with the current prices and with that, Malaysia will lose one of it's GLC. Hence, we feel that this need to be stop to save Malaysia before it is too late.

Therefore, we demand a minister that is unbiased and have adequate knowledge on telecomunication industry that will be better for the citizen of Malaysia.

Sayangi Malaysiaku!

To change portfolio and for the government to protect Telekom Malaysia as the GLC.