Justice on behalf of Desiree Gibbon who was murdered in Jamaica

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I am simply an American doing a civic duty and civic responsibility to a fellow American in Andrea-Cali Gibbon who is still seeking answers about her daughter's murder in Jamaica during the Thanksgiving weekend of 2017.  A year later after Desiree's brutal murder her mother and family have no closure in regards to what happened to Desiree and Desiree's murderer is still on the loose. The Jamaican government has obtained Desiree's I-Phone cell phone records from the I-Phone that Desiree used when she was in Jamaica but has not handed them over to her mother and that is what the petition is about. If Desiree's mother can obtain the cell phone records and review them for herself it could potentially reveal to her important information in regards to who murdered Desiree. I am one individual that is involved in the initiation of the petition right now but I sympathize for Desiree's family and it is very difficult for a family to seek justice on behalf of a loved one when they are already grieving and hurting over the loss of their loved one. I am hoping that others will support the petition to get the cell phone records released to Desiree's mother.