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use of Tri-colour TIRANGA background for political party flags n their party symbols on it

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 Every political party is a party of this India Nation & all with it are Indians.They have liabilities of the countrymen.

But in present situation,some political parties misguide the people by enchasing their sentiments on the basis of caste & religion with help of various colours viz.Red,Red ochre, Green, Blue, Yellow etc.for their flags n as mark on forehead of the people.They use these colours as their ownership n as unique mark of identity for party office,uniforms of the activists,caps,vehicles,houses etc.

Always the community is the biggest laboratory for the Nation .

so , the political parties should give emphasis on explaining the aims , policies & thoughts ,but it does not happen always .

This is the effort to preserve the diversity . All the community gets divided in form of various groups , sections & bundle of votes " VOTE BANKS ". This kind of politics is being done by political parties .

Therefore it is necessary to make Nationalization of these Vote Banks by giving Tri-colour at background to all party flags with their symbol of election of that party on it at the place of Ashok chakra . It should be made mandatory to all political parties . Due to which, the change will be seen as above .

There would be following benefits by making such changes :

1 . The message " FIRST NATION - THEN EMOTION " will reach to all people in rural & urban areas .

2 . The national feeling that all political parties are first Indians, will be created .

3 . The Tri-colour to background for party flag shall not be the ownership of one or two political parties but it will be regarded as a symbol of Indian Nationalism .By doing this it will be like giving equal rights, respect & honor to all political parties .

4 . The relation between colours & different political parties that has been connected with caste-religion, regions & emotions will come to an end .

5 . The atmosphere of thoughtful,purposeful & with National flow will be preserved in the community & the political parties . So, election will become a festival & great celebration for creation & promotion of Indian Nationalism along with the selection of the proper, efficient & better Peoples Representatives .

Hence you are requested to make changes as above, for every elections that should be held in our country henceforth & oblige the Indian Peoples .

                                     JAY BHARAT - JAY INSAN .









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