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Dear Friends

Greetings to all of you

Today is “International Social Justice Day”. People around the world celebrate this day to commemorate those people who have struggled and sacrificed their life for the peace and harmony through bringing equality and equity in the society.

The United Nations' (UN) World Day of Social Justice is annually observed on February 20 to encourage people to look at how social justice affects poverty eradication. It also focuses on the goal of achieving full employment and support for social integration.

The ultimate goal of celebrating International Social Justice Day is "Social Justice and Decent Life for All, irrespective of caste, religion, and creed and skin color.


What is Justice and what is Social Justice?

1. Is it that providing all the benefits to a particular caste, group of caste or a community?

2. Is that prioritizing one caste and ignoring the others?

3. Is that giving all kind of concessions, discounts, subsidies, refunds and reservations to a particular caste stating it to be lower caste which is so 90 years ago, of course not now?

4. Is it that to gauge all people in particular caste as“POOR” where as people belonging to some other caste as “RICH”just because they born in that caste?

Now tell me, do we all getting justice especially in Education and employment? Of course “NO”. Where ever you go, you can see, observe or experience a standardized, legalized casteism, caste based favourism and caste based reservations and caste politics, caste based biases.

In Indian Constitution, there are many articles, chapters, Schedules and Directive Principles of State policies, which say equality, equality of opportunities to all irrespective of caste, creed, place of birth etc. Then why the hell, the government and its wings are practicing such a worst, outdated, useless, irrelevant, unequal, and biased and caste based reservation policies and rules in education and employment, which is utter unscientific in nature.

Is this the Equality and Justice that Gandhiji, Ambedkar Basavanna and other scholars dreamt of?

Off course “NO”. They worked for the upliftment of the poor, under privileged and downtrodden sections irrespective of caste and creed.


The irony of the situation is that many institutions, organizations and groups and Individuals are utilizing the names of the scholars to fulfill their selfish needs, they are opportunist. Another surprising fact is that if any one talks about some scholars and reservation and other policies, they brand him as against it and say that he/she is against their caste/ideological mentor, and create nuisance by creating complications.

Of course I am against the caste based reservation system now and forever, where the deserved people are deprived of the opportunities and reserved people are being spoon fed with all benefits, just because their skin’s name is in the list of beneficiaries. Just think for a while, and tell me which caste doesn’t have poor people? Each and every caste group and communities have rich and as well as poor, then why benefits are given to a particular caste or group of castes. The deserving poor people are being cheated by such a worst and devil practice. In fact, the talent of the deserved youth is being buried under ground in the name of equality.

Dear friends. Am not against giving benefits to any castes, I bother about the benefits that are being grabbed by a group of caste that too those are enjoying it since 70 years and even before.

If the poor are found only in a particular community/caste, then what if that community is enjoying utmost privilege since 70 years, are they still remain poor? Is it a big sin to be born in a poor family which belongs to so called high caste?, there are crores of people who are being deprived of the opportunities in education and employment for a reasons that he/she belongs to a caste which is termed as unreserved, is this the Social Justice?

Instead of giving reservations based on castes. Why cont it could be on the basis of the economical status of the family, why the hell caste comes in between, when the family suffers from extreme poverty Hunger?

Economists, who coined the terms, BPL, APL or PPP never told that the poor people are found in a particular caste, they conducted researches and made studies on scientific line irrespective caste, religion and race.

When poverty is measured using the nutrition level, which is a scientific method, why cont the reservation in employment and education be given scientifically?

This is called Vote Politics, just to retain the vote banks the political parties are playing gambling. Nowhere in Constitution it is said, to continue the reservation system for centuries, it was just for a decade or two to bring about a balanced growth and minimize the disparity, but what the government is doing?

Postponing, raising percentage, adding caste which protests for reservation. What about the people those who are voiceless? Should they shut their mouth?



Who needs the reservation actually?

1.       Women

2.       Poor people irrespective of caste and creed.

3.       Specially Challenged

4.       Nomadic Community

5.       Rural weaker sections

6.       Urban poor

7.       Tribal folks

8.       Ex Servicemen

9.       Transgender community

10.   Linguistic Minority.



But irony is that the government is giving all the benefits very happily to

1.       Children of Government employee- refunds, concessional fees, hostel with no fee, books without even a single paise, fee refund even after completion and getting a the job.

2.       Children of High income group- who does not reveal their income to get this kind of benefits

3.       Those who are already availed reservation, government is happy to give few more generation to get the same.

4.       Reservation to particular caste irrespective of their income and economical status

I would say, if this caste based practices continue, definitely one day all 198 countries in the world over take India in terms of Developments of all kind.



“Let it be an Inclusive policy for all communities rather than an Exclusive policy for a particular community”


Way back during 1950s the country was wholly divided on the basis of religion, castes and communities. During that time and that situation it was necessary for the government to bring in such social policies and programs and legislation which is purely aim at bring the exploited, downtrodden and neglected communities and castes in the society. In this regard the system of reservation was brought in to practice which provided constitutional provision to many castes, communities and religions. This can be considered as a landmark steps initiated towards the welfare of the lower strata in the society which are enforceable by law. 

Now its almost 60 years gone since we have started giving benefit to those people. Apart from this constitutional provisions directly benefiting them, the constitution have given some indirect the ways to benefit them such as establishment of national commission for OBCs, National commission for SCs, National Commission for STs, National Commission for Women, Nation commission for Tribal, Equal remuneration Act so and so forth.

Now come to the present scenario of the Indian Society. People have availed the benefits of govt schemes, programs, legislations and constitutional provision and their social status has also been enhanced. now compare the India society in 1950 and the Indian society on 2016. Everything changed but the constitutional provision are still remain the same. Do you cal it as equality before law? Do you term it as fair treatment to all citizens of India?

We passed through New Economic policies, we passed through LPG ( Liberalization, Globalization, Privatization), we passed through industrial revolution, we passed 12 five year plans, we passed through seral other revolutionary changed including dramatic changes in health and education. Do you still feel that India is in the same condition as in 1950?

Even today, the government is providing all the benefits, especially the reservation system i education and employment on the basis of caste. The current reservation system is one of the unscientific previsions which treat people on basis of skin rather than the skill. 

The benefit of Reservation was provided in our constitution to enable under-privileged sections of Indian society to education and employment which obviously leads to overall socio economic development. It was provisioned for 10 years post-Independence, with an option to extend for another 5 years. Political parties, to retain their vote bank and to make caste as their yardstick to exploit the innocent citizen , have ensured that 50% Reservation is still provided well into the 69th year of Indian independence without even considering the socio economic changes since then. To make sure of retaining the vote banks based on castes they adding castes to the reservation irrespective of their economic status or purchasing power parity (PPP).

In 1969 the UN hosted the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination  but we the people of India still practicing the same outdated, invalid, unscientific system of reservation based on caste, creed and race.

I ask the Supreme Court of India to give priority to deserved people rather than the reserved people.

I ask the Supreme Court of India to make laws considering the current situation of Indian society.

I request the supreme court of India to reconsider the reservation policy which was made for 10 years and still continuing for 70th year.

Poor people are not confined to one caste or community or religion. When all the caste and communities and religion have poor then what is the purpose of giving benefits to a particular caste or group of castes or religion. 

My point is that benefits must be given to those who are really in need and those deserve it.

Give reservation to Poor people in SCs

Give reservation to Poor people in STs

Give reservation to Poor people in OBCs

Give reservation to deserving women

Give reservation to differently abled people

Give reservation to Tribal folks who really deserve it

Give reservation to Ex servicemen who honestly served our nation for years

Give reservation to kins of people who lost their life in Wars

Give reservation to Transgender, Linguistic minorities etc

My dear friends, when we have poor and deserving people in all corners and sections and segment of society, what is the logic behind giving benefits to people of a particular segment irrespective of their social status.

Reservation was provided in our constitution to enable under-privileged sections of Indian society. It was provisioned for 10 years post-Independence, with an option to extend for another 5 years. Political parties have ensured that 50% Reservation is still provided well into the 69th year of Indian independence.

Reservation based on caste and religion just leads to inequality, unequal distribution of wealth, it spreads discontent among our self. I am not against the policy of reservation nor I am not abusing those availing it. I just want to conscientize the current situation where a child of poor unreserved parents need to pay full fees without any refund or concession whereas a child of well versed reserved parent is spoon-fed with lots and lots of refunds, concessions, relaxations and others freebies.

Through this I would like to put forth that India in 1950 is not what India today. I would request the law makers, judicial system, parliamentarians, etc to rethink on this and help crores of people who are being denied of opportunities, benefits merely for the reason that he or she belong a caste which not in the list.

Kindly sign my petition and ask the Supreme Court (CJI) and Prime Minister of India to provide Justice to millions of people who are deprived of opportunities because of caste, race, community and religion.






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