Repatriation of 54 Indian POWs, still in Pakistan jails

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1. I, Lt.S.Govindarajan, (40368W) (SSC 1969-76), Bangladesh war veteran, Indian Navy, have submitted a petition to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India on 28th Dec 2020, appealing to go ALL OUT, find the fate of our Indian POWs of 1971 war from Pakistan.

2. We, petitioners want that our Government of India must declare a National mourning for 30 days from 17th Dec 2021 to 16th Jan 2022, for our Nation's inability to secure prompt release of our Indian warriors, in time, much to the distress of their families left behind.

3. We, petitioners, want the year of 2022 must be declared the YEAR of Martyrdom of National Defence Personnel, last in 1971 war.

4.We, petioners, want that the Government of India must declare and provide free education, employment opportunities, and monthly allowance if ₹ONE lakh to their families for SEVEN generations, with firm dates and documentation by GOI.


Following is my humble letter written to PM of India.

My complaint registration no.PMOPG/E/2020/1064680 dated 27th Dec 2020.
Respected Hon'ble PMji,

I refer to my above mentioned complaint made by me, and request your attention, on a TOP PRIORITY SCALE, befitting our NATIONAL PRESTIGE.

I am an Indian citizen, resident of Chennai. I am veteran Engineer Officer having served, in the Indian Navy, with a tenure from Dec 1971 till July 1972, in War stricken Bangladesh, post liberation, with the presence of Indian Armed Forces, on the soils of Bangladesh.

In Dec 1971, Our Armed Forces coveted with a recorded world history of capturing around 93,000/- war prisoners of Pakistan, by India, laying their hands in defeat, surrendered their arms and ammunition, to Indian Army, under the leadership of Lt.General Jagjit Singh Arora.

These POWs of Pakistan were treated by India, in due dignity, as per the Geneva Convention and promptly and safely repatriated to their homes in Pakistan. This is our great humane gesture and a National honour, as victorious Nation, which every Indian must be proud.

On the other hand, there were captured 54 Indian POWs, in the hands of Pakistan and their fate is not known, nor there comes any news of concern or efforts by Govt of India or in the media, till date.

THIS IS A MATTER FOR SERIOUS NATIONAL CONCERN and SHAME, with many Governments over the last 49 years, rolled, with no actions known to public whatsoever.

As a Naval Veteran, i am keen, anxious and very perturbed with inaction by Indian Government, Senior Defence echelons, staying complacent about the non- release of Indian POW captives, still remaining in the hands of enemy, inflected uncompensatable sorrow and pain to their families in India, over lapsed 5 decades.

It is most amazing, many Prime Ministers, many Army Generals, Naval Admirals and Air Marshals have come and gone, surprisingly showing NO SENSITIVITY on this issue.

Our country would perhaps would wish to celebrate a war victory golden jubilee in Dec 2021

I would consider it utter shame if our country would celebrate 1971 victory, having left in lurch, the fate of 54 Indian bravehearts in the hands of barbarous enemy, still expecting our defence forces to hold high morale

Negligence on the part of senior political leaders having forsaken our warriors is highly unpardonable crime.

I wish to know what actions so far justifiably taken by our Govt of India, and how the families of these POWs are materially compensated, while they carry their unconsolable emotions.

I wonder why our Indian citizen Shri Kulbhushan Jadav should still remain captive in the hands of Pakistan, even after the ICJ, delivered a favorable judgement, acquitting him

In my opinion, INDIA must reach out to Pakistan with a sweeping military action to retrieve our pride, getting all our likely alive POWs and Shri Jadav, penalising Pakistan to pay a heavy compensation for their uncivilised act of holding our country men.

I hope, as my fellow countryman, you would share my concern for its due justification and update me the status of these missing Defence personnel.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Lt. S.Govindarajan (, IN(SSC)