Please don't request for referral letters from politicians,We doctors don't discriminate

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Dear MPs and MLAs of India

India is a country of more than 1.2 billion people with most of the healthcare system is
dependent on tertiary care hospitals like AIIMS. Many of the patients from far off
areas come to AIIMS for better treatment. Many of the patients have a reference letter
from their local MPs or MLAs with recommendations for admission.
First of all, we request patients to demand better healthcare facilities in your area from
your local ministers instead of the recommendation letter. Tertiary care hospitals have
limited beds and facilities so it’s your disease which will gets consideration for
admission and not the letter from ministers.
Secondly we request MLAs and MPs of India that whenever they send any
recommendation letter to tertiary care hospital, please send the copy of it to prime
minister office and union health ministry with demanding the same facilities of
healthcare in your area which you think is only available in tertiary care hospital at
Delhi. Every year around 63 million people are faced with poverty due to out of pocket
expenditure on healthcare. If we add the money spent on transport, accommodation
and survival in metropolitans then you can imagine the situation of diseased poor of
this country.
We hope our ministers will do something to improve healthcare facilities in their
respective constituencies rather than giving false hope to their voters with these
recommendation letters which have no value.
All of us together with the help of our honorable parliamentarians will built a healthy
and prosperous India.
Jai hind
Thanking you