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A large section of minority women are being denied basic rights by the existing laws

Letter to
Prime Minister of India
Respected Sir,
We, the undersigned, feel concern to state that in our country oppression on the Muslim Women are increasing in the name of Personal Law. Talaq is being executed on the trivial reason or no reason at all. Most of the influential persons of the society are favouring this. The Muslim Women are to face Talaq from their drunken husbands, often completely out of sense. Moreover, Talaq through letters, e-mails, sms and over phone has become rampant. This has worsened the condition of the Muslim Women beyond measure. The custom of polygamy is another curse for the Muslim Women. Muslim inheritance law is another obstacle before the Muslim Women in India. It gives birth to discrimination and invites financial exploitation and oppression on the Muslim Women of our country. But so far, our constitution has not given any protection to the Muslim women even after six decades of independence. India, as a free, democratic and secular country, should have given protection to Muslim Women following the principle of Right to Equality as stated in the Constitution of India. But so far the Muslim Women haven’t enjoyed any legal protection and they are being made prey to the lust and whims of the male dominated Muslim Personal Law.
In the circumstances, we, on behalf of the citizens in general come to you with charter of demands in the forms containing signatures of the people supporting the following demands:
1) All Indian Muslims (Both male and female) will enjoy equal right to divorce. All cases of divorce will be settled by the courts. This has been already done by some other Muslim countries.
2) Polygamy must be banned immediately.
3) Law of inheritance (For the Muslims) must be based on the principle of equality without sex bias.
4) If a husband dies leaving his widow and children and husband’s father remains alive the widow and her children are deprived from the property of the father. This Islamic law must be changed and inheritance to the property of the deceased husband must be secured by law.
5) Law of Adoption for non Hindus (Like the Muslims and others) must be enforced.
6) The Government must take up some socio-economic programmes and start projects to give rehabilitation to the divorced and oppressed women specially those who have been driven out by their husbands.

We pray and hope that you will consider our demands with due importance and ensure legal protection for the oppressed Muslim Women of India without wasting any time. The call of humanity demands this justice from you.

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