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India has not ever been related to any controversial issue on INTERNET censorship. On Wednesday, the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team issued a ban asking internet service providers and mobile operators to block access to about 32 websites in the name of its censorship laws, swerving from its usual path.

According to the spreading reports it is said that, among the 32 websites being banned , some websites like GITHUB,DailyMotion,codepad,webs,000webhost etc made it to the top of the list.

The reports specify that the websites were banned for hosting anti-India material content posted by the members of the terrorist organization 'Islamic State group', popularly known as ISIS.

Being a constant user of most of these websites like codepad,github,000webhost etc, I find the reports to be preposterous and bizzare.

Codepad provides services as an online compiler to many programming languages, as a budding programmer it has had helped me greatly at times. An online compiler being a threat is absolute non-sense.About Github, it  is a widely acclaimed website used for hosting source code on the internet(Opensource codes), I cannot relate how such a website which helps developers and programmers to share their work to be accused of  hosting anti-Indian material. Talking about 000webhost which is a free as well as premium domain hosting provider, some indviduals or groups may take advantage of such services but to ban an entire service based on indvidual occurences/happenings is pointless. In such instances, the specific website should have been banned instead of the whole website/service.

The list of blocked websites: (gist-it) (Tinypaste)

The blocking of such websites act against the vision of 'Make in India' campaign and reduces the chance of foreign investment in India, thus leading to a stunted growth of India's Economy. Unblocking many of the websites may/maynot lead to advancements in the information sector. I request you to investigate the matter and unban the websites which arenot a potential threat to India and her interests.  

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