CSR CO. will give fund through NGO to school students gets 100 Marks for planting 5 Trees.

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We consume Oxygen from nature at the rate of 2.6 Kg to 2.8 Kg per day. We understand that we are not able to return the same to nature beside our profession. 

We are supporting this concept so that We  able to return Oxygen used by Us to the nature.

We shall be personally carrying out/supporting / implementing following things for our Country.

·         Carry out Plantation by student / son/ daughter to help nature and for benefits to our generations to come.

How can it be achieved in an agricultural country?

1)  Zero Government spending.

2)   Develop 60% waste land. 

3)   Farmers to teach the subject in our agricultural country 

4)   Schools will double up their output. 

5)   Farmers will be involved in teaching hence reducing their suicidal thoughts. 

6)   Increase in the number of students in school. 

7)   Farming will increase from 23% to 50%. 

8)   Companies will get carbon credit through CSR. 

9)    In a polluted city like Mumbai, pollution will reduce by 10% in 3 months. 

10)  Along with tree plantation, if roof water released in bore well, ground water level will increase which will in turn provide water to lakes. (A very low cost option) Like this each Farmer / Experts will give there suggestion on website. 

The above topics are explained in detail as under: 

(a)  Each student from Std. I to X will plant and nurture 5 trees every year. 

(b)  Tree planted in Std. I will have to be nurtured till Std. X. (Hence, 50 trees in 10 years) 

(c)  Each student will plant 5 new trees every year. 

(d)  At the end of every year, teachers will personally inspect the trees planted by each student. 

(e)  Student will be awarded 100 marks, if the trees planted by him are well nurtured. 

(f)  If 2 trees out of 5 die, the student will be asked to plant 2 trees again and he will be awarded 60% marks in that particular year. 

(g)  Discourage planting foreign trees like Palm, Rain tree, Acacia, Mangium, Subabul, Nilgiri, Gliricidia, Cosmos, Gulmohar, Kashid, Silver Oak. 

(h)  Encourage planting local plants like Banyan, Jamun, Neem, Bakul, Bahava, Padas, Kadamb, Karanj, Sesame, Shivan, Mango, Jackfruit, Kokum, etc. 

(i)  Students in cities to plant Krishna Tulsi / Sabja (Muslim community students to plant Sabja Or similer). 5 Krishna Tulsi/Sabja planted in a pot will give oxygen equal to one tree. Students in villages/rural areas to plant trees in open land near their homes.

(j)  Teachers to individually inspect trees planted by their students and barcode the same and record them in their computers. Travelling expense incurred by the teacher will be reimbursed. 

(k)  Company providing CSR Fund/NGO/Govt. Auditor will account for the same.Company will get carbon credit. 

(l)   CSR Company will give Rs. 5,000 per student to the school. (5 trees × Rs. 1000 each) 

(m)  This Rs. 5000 will be distributed as: Rs. 200 to the teacher to visit one student, Rs. 500 to the farmer for demonstration and Balance to the School. Hence, everyone will benefit. ( this will be decided by experts) 

(n)  Companies will get the trees for Carbon Credit. 

(o)  Hence, Agriculture/Gardening will be taught in an agricultural country.

(p)  Government needs to divert the funds presently given for Plantation to Municipal Councils and Grampanchayats.

(q)  92 million children will be carrying out plantation in India and the number will increase constantly