Change of Children day to 26 Dec

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In India, now Children day is celebrated on Jawahar Lal Nehru's birthday. The reason behind is his love and affection with kids. Which is not justification for celebration of children day on 14-Nov-17. It was just a congress era who changes it to 14-Nov after death of Jawahar Lal Nehru.

Children day should be celebrated related to Children. My appeal is to change it to Martyr day of Baba Fateh Singh and Baba Jorawar Singh ( Young kids of Guru Gobind Singh ji). Below are the reason's why it should be changed.

1. Baba Fateh Singh was less than 7 years and Baba Zorawar Singh was nine year old when they were bricked alive by mughals

2. Both are example of Faith, believes and truly represent Indian culture against brutality, cruelty of mughal

3. Both refused princely life, refused to join islam and didn't fear from mughals

4. Both make universal example of sacrifice in the world at such a young age.

Nehru was born in a rich family. He didn't comprised on a single thing. India is divided because of Nehru because Jinah was deserving candidate and Nehru didn't like him. Sardar Patel was best candidate to be first PM but Nehru sidelined him and become PM.   Nehru had relations with many ladies and many of his pics in compromised positions are circulating.  Nehru was just followers of British and European Culture. He left his ailing wife in Europe and didn't taken care of her.

On Other side, both Baba Fateh Singh and Baba Zorawar Singh represented faith, scarified for identity, religion, stand against brutality, when both were asked what they will do if both are made free. Both said, we will learn martial arts, weapon training and unite people to fight against mughal samraj to make India free. 

From my point of view both Baba Fateh Singh and Baba Zorawar Singh's martyr day 26-Dec should be celebrated as Children Day as a tribute to Children Hero's of India. In fact they are the real Hero for children across the world.

Please support this petition so that we can request Govt of India to Change it to 26-Dec in memory of Baba Fateh Singh and Baba Zorawar Singh.