Boycott of India Vs Pakistan match at the Cricket World Cup 2019

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My petition is in light of the recent Pulwama attack which killed 45 CRPF Soldiers in India. This attack was conducted by a Pakistan based group called Jaish-E-Mohammed. Pakistani military and government has long been known to fund, sponsor and encourage many such groups which spread violence across India resulting in hundreds of deaths every year. Time and time again India and it's verious Government has attempted to encourage peace & friendly relations with Pakistan but each time it has resulted in increased terror attacks across India. 

While i do understand that platforms such as Sports, Art and cultural exchange should be kept separate from Politics, this is not politics anymore, its a war declared by Pakistan on India and it is killing hundreds of Indians ruining lives of many families forever. I can not accept the fact that we will be playing a cricket match in upcoming Cricket World cup where India and Pakistan are scheduled to play on 16.06.2019, there may be more matches between the two sides depending upon their progression in the tournament. I want Indian cricket team to boycott this game and send out a strong signal to the world that we shall not tolerate terror activities backed by Pakistan and we want nothing to do with that country. Even if this means points deduction, financial penalty or India getting knocked out of the tournament as a result of this. I want my cricket team and my whole nation to send this message to the world that we shall not accept any attack on our people and Pakistan must stop exporting terror to India.

I would like to request the Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modi to direct BCCI to withdraw India's participation from any games against Pakistan starting from the game on 16.06.2019. In fact, Cricket does have history of teams boycotting to play a certain side due to Political reasons, Apartheid regime of South Africa was boycotted for a long time and England did not play against Zimbabwe in the 2003 World Cup due to dictatorship of Robert Mugabe.

I am a huge cricket fan and respect the sentiments of all the fans across the globe who are excited to watch this match. But i can not accept that a country which is killing my fellow Indians have any association with us in any way. 

Jai Hind....