Haemophilia patient needed Education base system in India

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PM Narendra Modi

Respected Sir,

I myself Mr. Prititsh Navanth Desai, I have done MBA in Finance from ICFAI tripura and MBA in Banking from NIIT but still not on satisfactory job. Although I have more than first class in both courses. This happens because of only caste system. I belong to open category . No Government Jobs for us. I was score 74% in BAF in 2006 but no Government jobs. in college I paid maximum fees rather those who belongs to reserve category no satisfaction regarding the job.

I want to share one more information that I am Hemophilic patient by born because of that I won't be able to clear my interviews also. although my CV is perfect but I am getting fail in every top most companies .

I am fed of life as I have been rejected more than 1000 times in my 14 years of service experience. I am still now working as per my expectation due to my kindness and fearless of losing the job. I am working as Internal auditor and warranty Admin internally but company paying me pay of office assistant only.

Sir, You tell me where I fail ? I fail because of I am Hemophilic patient or I fail because I belong to open category ?

I think where there is reservation education has no value. Caste only divide people . I want all caste system should be abolish and Indian should get job on merit basis. I know its weird to say but as per me one should abandon all reservation system from India and Poverty is no longer a caste-based issue. Today there are many ‘lower caste’ people zipping around in Mercs and several ‘upper caste’ people who struggle to have at least two meals a day. Times have changed. The nation has moved forward. Castes no longer decide occupations and financial statuses. Caste does not decide how much education a person gets. In fact, caste exists only in the minds of people now.

And yet, the government asks for caste certificates, thereby ensuring that caste does form the basis of reservation. Yes, it is true that many castes were oppressed for generations backwards. But things have indeed changed now. Many of them are rich. Many are no longer oppressed. They have access to every luxury. And yet, they seek reservations based on their birth.

I am depress too much that I don't to see me loosing again I don't . Sorry If I had hurt you.

Thanks and Regards

Pritish Navanth Desai