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Ban puppy mills in Australia

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millions of dogs every year are being abandoned and beaten by their owners and sent to RSPCA and animal shelters for nothing except for being neglected by their owners. Since so many dogs are being thrown out every year the RSPCA and animal shelters are now running out of room to hold these poor innocent animals who don't have enough voices to stand up for them. Since dogs are now filling up the animal shelters and RSPCA It's becoming increasingly hard to hire staff members which means dozens of volunteers are now having to donate their time to assisting with caring for these animals and work for hours each day doing tremendously hard and tiring work from rescuing these poor animals to having no other choice but to put them down again for doing nothing except for being neglected and mistreated by their heartless owners. We demand that Malclom Turnball as prime minister of Australia that it's your duty to put an end to these horrific and cruel acts towards dogs by standing up for these scared and helpless animals and the dedicated staff and volunteers who have a heart of gold by banning most puppy mill farms in Australia and show everyone that your not only a prime minister that cares about people but also cares enough to support animals. 

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