Support for Gobind Singh Deo to remain Minister of Communications & Multimedia, Malaysia

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The current Pakatan Government was just formed barely 5 months ago & the daggers are out for them. This is expected. But we, the undersigned of this petition are standing by this democratically elected representatives & we want changes in many institutions, both government & private whose services have been far from satisfactory to the Rakyat who for the past 61 years had most of their grievances largely ignored due to the one sided media that stood for these hugely bloated companies. This petition is asking for a fair chance to be given to the Pakatan Rakyat Government who have been handed the legitimate mandate to make the necessary reforms that is so needed to save Malaysia & propel her to her rightful place as one of the most Blessed countries in the world...We are the majority who voted for this change & we will ensure that whichever government that we rightfully elect & vote for, must ensure that :

1: Our Royal Highness King & Sultan’s will be respected & Honoured as enshrined in our constitution

2: Islam will be Respected & acknowledged as the Official Religion & The rights of Malays will continue to be preserved 

3:  The rights of ALL other Malaysians will be respected & ALL Malaysians will be given opportunities on merit