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Prime Minister Julia Gillard: Overhaul our Education system and support the real needs of our young people/society

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Quote by Albert Einsten

"School failed me, and I failed the school.  It bored me.  The teachers behaved like Feldwebel (sergeants). I wanted to learn what I wanted to know, but they wanted me to learn for the exam. What I hated the most was the competitive system there, and especially sports.  Because of this, I wasn't worth anything, and several times they suggested I leave.  This was a Catholic School in Munich.  I felt that my thirst for knowledge was being strangled by my teachers; grades were their only measurement.  How can a teacher understand youth with such a system?  From the age of twelve I began to suspect authority and distrust teachers."                   - Albert Einstein


NOT ALOT HAS CHANGED............Let’s take this great opportunity to Petition Julia Gillard for REAL CHANGE during these Education reforms.  Our Education system needs to meet the needs of today's fast moving, ever changing world.  With many young people now diagnosed with depression, involved in; out of control drinkingdrug taking, increasing violent behaviour and the increase in Mental Illness.   We can’t afford to focus primarily on the intellect and ignore the emotional life and well being of our students.  Switch on the TV and see the end results of our well meaning but outdated, out of balance Education System. Counselling and referrals are no longer an option for the odd few, as these issues are far too widespread.

With the breakdown of the family unit and the Church non existant to most people, we need to look to Education. Although we have wonderful, dedicated, hard working teachers doing a fantastic job, history will just repeat itself and the old "Empty buckets to be filled with information" will continue unless we stop the one sided focus, worshiping the intellect, the Left side of the brain.  We have forgotten the Heart!




A new balanced Curriculum that develops confidence, empathy, empowerment, self worth. One that creates balanced, integrated human beings who trust themselves, who can deal with the affects of rejection, isolation, relationship breakups, fear, anger and whatever life throws at them. We have a huge resource of incredibly aware people, working in various relevant areas to assist with these changes......let’s begin.


If we are to have hope for our future, please sign this Petition addressed to the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Education Minister Peter Garrett and pass it on to others.

You have a voice and this is your chance to make a difference and be heard.....


Thank you, Sandra Paulka



P.S.  If you need more convincing please read below:

On a global level our young people are struggling to come to terms with all manner of issues such as; Global warming, Climate change and Environmental disasters. Across the board on a personal level, they are also dealing with the stresses of modern life; family breakups/divorce, adjusting to step parents/siblings, dealing with an alcoholic parent, or drug addicted mother/father, the stress of family illness, violence, abuse, and some contemplate suicide or self harm.....the list is endless.   

Sadly these are the uncomfortable realities. It's an illusion that all students are in a fit state to study, concentrate or retain information during these difficult processes.  Our young people need our help and they need HOPE for the future. Our current system is not working!

Our children deserve better than this!  It's time for change and you can help by signing and sharing this Petition. 

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