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Petitioning Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and his cabinet

To resign en masse

Dear All/Friends who are concerned about Japan,

Currently, Japan, our country, is increasingly leaning toward neoliberalism and antiforeignism. The Cabinet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe does not stop these trends but even supports them and is making our lives tougher and harder.


Their economic policy, called Abenomics, gives preferential treatment to the rich while the poor or the weak are being driven to even tougher situations.

For example, the government is cutting down the welfare benefit leaving the poor or weak behind at the mercy of the rich and wealthy.


Also, in terms of foregin affairs or education, they impose patriotism on us.

The U.S. military base on Okinawa is being moved to Henoko around where pretty but endangered dugongs live (i.e., dugons will lose their homes once the construction of US military base gets started).


Needless to say, Abe regime wants to revise the Constitution (so that Japan can start a war). 


Regarding the issue of Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, they have hardly made any effort to curb the present disaster. They still stick to their pro-nuke policy for a long time, eager to reactivate nuclear power plants that have ceased operation currently.


Meanwhile, they are never going to approve the right of victims, particularly children, who suffer from radiactivity and serious health issues in Fukushima. 

They just help the rich and large (often multi-national) corporations.


The list of problems that are caused by Abe Cabinet is just endless: medical welfare, capital punishment, gender gap (about which the Cabinet is pretending to be serious), and so forth. They are performing the politics just for the 1%, not for the 99% like us.


Therefore, we desparately want Abe Cabinet to resign en masse or dissolve the Lower House for general election (some Japanese strongly suspect the past two elections are of fraud, therefore Abe's LDP won such a lot of seats in both Upper and Lower Houses.)


Certainly, Abe Cabinet's resignation does not necessarily mean an ideal society.Nevertheless, we believe that their resignation is the first step toward our  better future without unneeded sacrifices.



Yasunobu Nozaki


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