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Did you know that incompetent groomers injure and kill pets every single day?  It happened to my precious 4 pound Yorkie at the young age of 4.

I am petitioning the legislature to require training and credentialing for dog groomers.

The state of Louisiana requires other occupations to obtain training before applying for a license including a manicurist, hairdresser, auctioneer (80 hour class, test, and one year apprenticeship), florist, real estate agent, repossession agent, interior designer, etc. Yet anyone can get a local occupational license and become a dog groomer with no training or supervision. I now know by name many others whose beloved pets have died or been injured at the groomer. THIS IS HEARTBREAKING! At a minimum, there needs to be education and oversight in this industry. The person who does your nails must get at least 500 hours of training before s/he can get the required license.  However, we put our beloved pets in the hands of strangers who may or may not even have one hour of training.

I don't want any other pets to be maimed, crippled, or lose their lives due to gross negligence and/or incompetence of a groomer. We must make changes in this area. There are provisions in the laws to protect people from injury by a dog. But a groomer can injure or kill a dog without even paying a $10 fine. 

When my first Yorkie died at age 15, I searched five months to find a special Yorkie puppy. Her name was Yoshi Gigglemoon and from day one I knew she was “perfect for me.”  My four pound beloved Yoshi died at the “best groomer” in town. I immediately took her to my vet and had her autopsied. The veterinarian was tearful as he told me that Yoshi was the “healthiest small dog he had ever seen” but she had died from a “broken neck, classic text book case”.  Apparently she had been left alone on the table in an unprotected, negligent  way and she jumped off…and died from hanging.   The Groomer never told me this is what happened; it’s just the only thing that makes sense. A person can apply for a job, say that they love animals, and then have your precious pet in their care.  Actually groomers don’t even need training to open their own store or mobile unit. Please help make a change in this area. To require training and a license for dog grooming is many injuries and deaths overdue.

If your heart is touched by this story…and the COUNTLESS other pets who have been injured or lost their lives, then there are several things you can do to help make a difference:

 1.      SIGN THIS PETITION to help Yoshi’s Law become a reality

2.      Share this petition with friends and post the link on your Facebook page

3.      Copy this petition, amend as needed, and get Yoshi’s law passed in your state.

 Dogs are our best friends…help us become theirs!

 *This petition is submitted in special honor of Max…who also died at the same groomers, same way.



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