Keep Prestige Ferns Residency & adjacent Lake a Green place - Say "No" to Mobile Tower

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We are highlighting the issue of the allocation and placement of mobile towers on top of Club House in Prestige Ferns Residency. 

Mobile towers should NOT be constructed on the Club House. The mobile tower should be kept at a minimum distance of minimum 100 meters from any portion of the residential building. The club house towers are barely 15 meters away from residential towers.
It will also severely impact all the people within the club house. In addition, it should be noted that Kids zone is also barely 10 meters away from club house tower.

There are elders who stay at home all the time, and it will impact them most. 

Emissions caused by such towers in the RF spectrum are carcinogenic. These towers become health hazards to people using the parks, residing, nearby  or studying in the listed schools. Thus the erection of cellphone towers will result in significant health hazards to a huge number of  residents. The WHO through the International Agency for Research on Cancer has expressed reservations about the establishment of towers in residential areas, stating a possible increase in the risk of  brain tumors amongst those exposed.

There are studies which have conclusively established ill effects of mobile towers.

My father himself is a Cancer patient and I don't want it to happen to others. 

We sincerely request to PPMS and Airtel to look for alternate methods or plan a Mobile tower at-least 100 meters from residential area.