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Support to Iván Velásquez. International Commissioner Against Impunity in Guatemala

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Mr. Jimmy Morales Cabrera:

The organizations and individuals who signed this letter manifest our concerns regarding the possibility that Mr. Iván Velásquez will be dismissed from his position as Commissioner of the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG)

The work of CICIG led by Mr. Velasquez has been essential in order to strengthen the rule of law and the democratic institutions in Guatemala. Consequently, its efforts against corruption and organized crime should be a priority in the Guatemalan political agenda, since those crimes are causing serious human rights violations.

Discharge Mr. Velasquez of his position would be a reversal and obstruction for the justice system. We urge you to fulfill your promise and commitment of support to CICIG; hence Mr. Velasquez will be able to continue his transcendental work for the Guatemalans


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