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P Holmes
United States

Nov 14, 2017 — Hello!

NGO Cee4Life's Sybelle Foxcroft and several of her supporters, Celia Athumani, Briony Wolf and Paula McKenzie-Munin have taken their spite to the next level in their incessant attempts to diminish and minimize our efforts to be the voice for the Animals of Indonesia.

No reputable animal groups would do what Cee4Life did, and their action may well hurt 150 innocent dogs. A truly sad affair fueled by greed and envy.

We will continue to be the voice for innocent animals. Thank you for caring about the Animals of Indonesia and for your support ~P Holmes

Here is a cut & paste via Rebecca's gfm below but please go her gfm link as there are other messages that I am not able to cut & paste here (sincerest apologies)

Update 56
Posted by Rebecca A. Rodriguez
29 mins ago

Fighting for the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo - No Pressure. No Diamonds.

As many of you know, Bandung Zoo, the home of the sun bears featured in the viral video, refused our offer for assistance in June 2017 and again in July 2017. Instead, they are relying “exclusively” on their NGO partner, CEE4Life, a group we discovered was misrepresenting the truth about what is happening at the zoo. The One Animal World (OAW) team, in relation to this specific project, has evolved into somewhat of a “watchdog group”. Our role now is to scrutinize, verify and publicly confirm the claims, promises, successes, and failures of the stakeholders tied to Bandung Zoo.

On the downside, CEE4Life and some of their supporters have taken their targeted harassment campaign against us, up a notch. Not only did they post insults aimed at one of my teammates, along with a photo of her children, they began working to derail one of my animal advocacy projects in Europe. For months, I have been working to inspire a mayor in Italy to build the animal shelter he promised and release 150 dogs that he has held in sequester for the past 18 months.

CEE4Life contacted the mayor and the people who care for the animals, in an attempt to disparage me and undermine my influence in holding the mayor to his word. They directed them to one of their smear blogs, “rebrodrobber”, that has since been removed for violating harassment standards of the hosting site.

On the upside, the pressure and scrutiny that we are bringing to Bandung Zoo and CEE4Life, is forcing them to react and respond. And that means we are making progress.

CEE4Life posted a video on November 12, 2017, that was apparently taken on October 13, 2017. This presentation was focused primarily on the elephants and provided some answers, demonstrated some progress and raised a few more questions. Look for that update later in the week.

While we appreciate that the elephants are getting attention, we are still deeply concerned about the Sun Bears, particularly because of Bandung Zoo’s track record and the lack of what appears to be a cohesive plan. In addition, a report by Wild Welfare (WW), an NGO out of the United States, offers a troubling look at a timeline that signals the zoo’s lack of commitment to improving the conditions for these bears.

The video we posted in October 2017 showed the Sun Bears had put on some weight but it also showed that their habitat was still a disaster, the public was still feeding them junk food and that the bears were fighting viciously. We also found no evidence that work had started on their new enclosure.

Wild Welfare, an organization that specializes in helping zoos achieve best practices, first visited Bandung Zoo in August 2016 and then a second time in February 2017 (see attachment). Their report raises a lot of questions and I would like some answers.

1. Where is this bear that is being “held off-exhibit”? Why is he being held off-exhibit? Has he been moved to an adequate enclosure or ten months later is he still living in “unsuitable” quarters?

2. What is being done to safeguard against the bears fighting?

3. And what is the hold up with the enclosure upgrades? There are THREE stakeholders apparently committed to improving the conditions for these bears and the other animals at Bandung Zoo, and yet after all this time so little has been done.

a) The Indonesia Zoo and Aquarium Association (PKBSI), one of the stakeholders, is controlled by the zoo and safari park owners. They are making a great deal of money on the backs of the animals in Indonesia and yet they cannot get it together to sort this out. It has been ten months since they assured Wild Welfare that they were “committed to performing regular oversight” and “putting in place mandatory standard upgrades for their members”. Is any of this happening?

b) Where is CEE4Life in all of this? As Bandung Zoo’s “exclusive” NGO partner they committed to “helping with enclosure upgrades, enrichment, food provisions, veterinary aid and education programs.” They further state that they were “given two large enclosures to upgrade”. So when is the one sun bear enclosure going to be completed? Cee4Life’s website states the end of November but then in a media interview, Foxcroft states “hopefully December”? So when?

c) And what is Bandung Zoo doing to improve their management standards? What is the zoo association or CEE4Life doing to move them towards best practices and what are they doing to advocate for all the animals in the zoo? It is common knowledge that Bandung Zoo is a rundown, outdated facility offering very little quality of life for the animals. They claim to not have enough money to care for the animals properly but at the same time, insist on breeding more animals. This is not a properly managed establishment and the animals are suffering as a result.

d) According to Wild Welfare’s report, during their visit in February 2017, the bears were locked away in their dens because of “renovations”. And then, when my team visited in June 2017, the bears were locked away again because of “renovations”. So here we are, 10 months after the first apparent “renovation” and six months after the second apparent “renovation” and yet the enclosure is still NOT RENOVATED.

I find the dishonesty being peddled by all the stakeholders completely disgusting. I intend to direct my questions and point out the discrepancies to the associated entities and will share their responses at a later date.

I will continue to fight for the animals of Indonesia and thank you all so much for your continued support!

With my deepest gratitude,


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