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Call to Action: Letter to Indonesia Ministry of Tourism

P Holmes
United States

Feb 19, 2017 — 1) Indonesia Ministry of Tourism website

Below is a letter which you can use to send to them or write your own via the link above.

Dear Sir

I am one of 668,000 supporters ( who would like to see Bandung Zoo shut down.

I am appalled and deeply saddened by how animals in Bandung zoo are being forced to live in deplorable conditions, where, sun bears are starving and eating their own feces. Only last year, Yani the endangered elephant suffered for over a week before she died, shackled to the ground. The year before, a giraffe found dead with 40 lbs of plastic trash in its stomach.

Over 90% of all zoos in your country are hell holes for these poor animals. Surabaya is another zoo where Michael the lion, was found hung in his cage, dead. The list of atrocities goes on.

Whilst the Ministry of Forestry has taken a very small step by sending a team with a vet to Bandung Zoo on January 19th 2017, this is clearly insufficient and unacceptable.

These poor animals continue to endure psychological torture/trauma on a daily basis in cramp cages/enclosures, whilst elephants remain shackled. When there is a heavy downpour, there is no shelter for these animals and their enclosures turn into a disgusting and dangerous mud pit. The pool/drinking water in the sun bears enclosure is filthy and green with algae.

To visit Indonesia is to enable animal cruelty. Therefore, I will not be making Indonesia as my vacation destination until your Government steps up to enforce your basic animal welfare law (and improve upon it) and work with the many NGO groups to bring about real change and improvements to all the deplorable zoos in your country

Thank you for your kind attention.

2) You can also tweet the minister of Tourism Mr Arief Yahaya @ir_ariefyahya

3) Here is an unofficial Bandung Facebook that you can rate suggested by petition supporter Jayne Foreman (thx)

4) This is Bandung Tourism official Facebook site but some supporters are telling me they are not able to rate/review

I do not know if they have turned the feature off, but you can still make comments on their home page and perhaps check back again later to rate them?

5) These are the unconfirmed email addresses of the Minister of Tourism given to me by petition supporter Lee Mandashian (thx) and if you would like to try. THIS IS THE LINK Lee Mandashian got the email addresses from

6) Monday, I will post a letter where you can used to email the Minister of Forestry.

thanks as always for your support!

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