Reopen UVS/ Maguire Villages in Graduate and Family Housing at the University of Florida

Reopen UVS/ Maguire Villages in Graduate and Family Housing at the University of Florida

May 3, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Michael Sanchez

Mayors’ Council calls upon the student body and Gator Nation to rise up and support the petition of reopening UVS/ Maguire Village in Graduate & Family Housing at the University of Florida. It has been brought to our attention that the University of Florida has stopped allowing new residents to move in the UVS/ Maguire Villages as well as not accepting current residents in other villages to transfer in. UF advertises

“At the University of Florida, we are a people of purpose. We're committed to challenging convention and ourselves. We see things not as they are, but as they could be. And we strive for a greater impact: one measured in people helped and lives improved”

 it seems this is only true if you are not an international student, a graduate student or have a family.

Graduate & Family Housing at the University of Florida provides a plethora of opportunities for students which include affordable living, proximity to on-campus resources, safe and secure villages for families and students, enriched community life, proven academic retention and success amongst residents and the list goes on. By removing these opportunities, UF will not only be downgrading the student experience which it boasts of on every webpage of its website, but it will hinder the ability to succeed for graduate and family students, to say the least. If the Gator Nation allows the university to remove one-third of the graduate and family housing inventory without voicing our objections, we would be letting down the same tradition of protecting our fellow Gators which UF stands so proudly behind.


Actual letter to UF:

University of Florida: President Office

226 Tigert Hall

Gainesville, FL 32610

(352) 392-1311

Reference: UVS/ Maguire Village closing or relocation

Dear Dr. Fuchs,

The Mayors’ Council in Graduate and Family Housing at the University of Florida has received multiple grievances from our students that have inquired at the universities housing office about residing at UWS/ Maguire Village, but housing has informed them that occupancy is closed, and no one can move in or transfer in from other villages. Mayors’ Council has asked housing on several occasions (questions posed to our advisor on 3/26/19 & 4/09/19) for an explanation regarding why students are not allowed to move into the UWS/ Maguire Villages and the feedback provided by Chad Doering was that housing is currently working on a master plan that can potentially take up to 4 years to complete and it includes these respective villages.

Mayors’ Council is very concerned with the limited feedback that housing has provided us, and we believe that the future of Graduate and Family Housing at the University of Florida is at risk of being removed or relocated. There are approximately 350 apartments at UVS/ Maguire Village which account for yearly revenues of 2.3MM (ex: rent = $560 x 12 months x 350 apt) for the Department of Housing which is used for maintenance of existing villages as well as new developments (FY20 Student Housing Committee Budget Hearing). Over 600+ students and family members can lose the opportunity to reside on campus in the future, this includes international students from 70+ countries that assist in acquiring funding for research which is a direct result of the academics at the university rising in prominence and national rankings, as well as additional revenues of out-state tuition. It is essential to keep the villages at the current locations where students can receive the best quality education due to the proximity and accessibility to campus resources. Studies indicate that students who live on campus have higher GPA’s compared to their counterparts who live in off-campus accommodations. If the housings master plans are to close or relocate UVS/Maguire villages, the university will be severely impacted by removing many students who promote diversity, academics amongst campus organizations, family values, social gatherings and many more activities that enrich campus life and encourage community involvement.

Mayors’ Council has spoken to many UF student organizations who have voiced similar concerns as stated above. We believe this matter needs to be addressed immediately so that current and future Gators are provided the same opportunities as their fellow alumni.

Please accept this letter as a petition to reopen admittance to UVS/ Maguire Villages and provide clear, concise and honest documentation as to the future of Graduate and Family Housing at the University of Florida.


Michael Sanchez

President of Mayors’ Council

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Signatures: 877Next Goal: 1,000
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