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January 24, 2017, 
To President Donald John Trump 
and to all the supporters of Donald Eugene Siegelman,
distinguished and honorable former Governor of Alabama:
President Trump, in draining the swamp we must not neglect
the task of providing all necessary Good Samaritan-like aid
to those who have been bitten and eaten by the alligators in it.
Donald Siegelman is The Man Who Would Have Been President 
if the election of 2004 had been fairly conducted.  As an
outspoken social critic of unfair elections yourself,
you, Mr. President, know a case of election-rigging
when you see it, especially when it is this blatant.
Don Siegelman was mentioned front and center in an article by 
Robert Bleier, in September of 2012: HACKING THE VOTE.

This was ten years after the narrow (and reasonably questioned)
defeat of Governor Siegelman in his re-election bid as Governor
of Alabama: an office to which he came with a huge resume, 
having previously served as Secretary of State, Attorney General
and Lieutenant Governor of Alabama.  No other Alabaman
has this record of all-encompassing, sterling accomplishment.
In September of 2002, in fact, Don Siegelman was on a public 
speaking tour called the EDUCATION EXPRESS; which actually
boosted the grassroots support for the Siegelman For President
movement. (Source: CNN, September 14, 2002). 
Don Siegelman at that time was the most electable Democrat
who could possibly have been chosen by the Democratic Party
to be the Blue candidate in the 2004 election.  A supporter of
the National Rifle Association and 2nd Amendment rights;
Don Siegelman also philosophically supports capital punishment
when the facts of the case call for it, in cases which cry to Heaven;
and has acted in a way which is bravely consistent with that idea.
He is a promoter of industry, having brought no fewer than three
automobile manufactures to Alabama to grind out cars and trucks
on the assembly line like sausages; as well as boosting the firms
who manufacture the weapons our brave service men and women
need to defend America.  President Trump, it seems that of all
Democratic leaders, Don Siegelman is in several key respects
closer to your own political and people-power philosophy than
any other.   He stood for jobs.  More importantly, he has always
stood for justice, for fairness, for decency, and for EDUCATION.
President Trump; which Democratic opponent would you rather
have run against for President in 2016:  centrist
EARL RAY TOMBLIN ,Governor of West Virginia,
DAN MALLOY, Governor of Connecticut?
Of course, given that choice, you'd rather have run against
Dan Malloy.  You would have beaten him in a cakewalk. 
Governor Tomblin would have been a different story; and on
Election Day, he might have been headed down "Country Roads"
toward the White House - because he wouldn't have given you 
a handle.  How could you have campaigned against someone
whose positions are more akin to common sense than Democratic
Party focus-group ideology?  It would have been like campaigning
against yourself, Mr. President.  And Don Siegelman posed a
similar problem to Republican political strategist Karl Rove;
who took it upon himself to go to the H.R. "Bob" Haldeman
handbook of swamp-infested, Watergate-era politics 
in order to take the low road in defeating Don Siegelman
by slander, calumny, and false conviction in a
Maalox-moment, kangaroo court story
reminiscent of the eerie tale "The Trial", by Franz Kafka.  
With Don Siegelman eliminated from the Presidential race
of 2004, George Bush Jr. was guaranteed smooth sailing
to re-election; just as in 1972, Watergate "Dirty Tricks"
hoodlums in taxpayer-funded jobs and CREEP Campaign
positions took noble, Lincolnesque Democratic candidate
EDMUND SIXTUS MUSKIE - a truly great man -
and bullied him out of the Presidential contest in the
teardrop-stained snows of New Hampshire.  
With the replacement front-runner George Corley Wallace
laid low in Laurel, Maryland by a peripatetic Nixon campaign
cloak-and-dagger operative (a story which has been hushed)
Bob Haldeman's choice for President Nixon's Democratic
opponent in the 1972 election, left-wing George McGovern,
became the hopelessly overpowered Democratic nominee
by default, after the stronger candidates Muskie and Wallace
were eliminated from the race by Watergate-era chicanery.  
Nixon won re-election in a 49-state sweep
- better than a landslide; the most astounding Electoral College
victory in the history of Presidential politics since
the illustrious and exemplary George Washington
won election as President unanimously.  NO WONDER!
The New York Times article of September 10, 2007:
the article in The New Yorker, "OBAMA SHOULD PARDON
DON SIEGELMAN", the March 8, 2016 article in the
Washington Spectator, "THE CASE FOR A PRESIDENTIAL
PARDON FOR DON SIEGELMAN", and the petition on
Change Dot Org by Dana Siegelman, the brave daughter
of Governor Siegelman, "PRESIDENT OBAMA PLEASE
the blistering resignation speech of US Pardon Attorney
DEBORAH LEFF (who would be a very good person to
RE-APPOINT to the same position now - especially if
the goal is to DRAIN THE SWAMP at 10th and Constitution
Avenue), all argue for .... not merely a commutation.... not
only a case to "FREE DON SIEGELMAN" (see the Facebook
group as well, the core of the group consists of fierce Obama
loyalists who felt betrayed by the ultimate insult to justice here)
but bettering either possibility, all of these plus the
word of honor of over 100 current and former
Attorneys General - both Republicans and Democrats -
throughout the entire United States, who studied the
travestious and tragic Siegelman case, AND the LAW
SCHOOLS who teach this case as an historic classic case 
of justice gone haywire,  ALL OF THESE argue logically
and truthfully on behalf of a full and COMPLETE PARDON,
a PAYMENT OF DAMAGES for false imprisonment, and
something called "rehabilitation" - now, that doesn't mean
that Donald Eugene Siegelman is physically or otherwise 
anything like a house falling apart; it means that justice is
fully restored by permitting him to hold any position of trust
he wants to run for or may be appointed to by you,
Mr. President,
in a strong show of reaching across the aisle to
accentuate the positive in America, even as you
eliminate the negative.
I've never been to Alabama, except once in a dream.
I've never met Governor Siegelman, although I've
written to him and received replies which are at the
top of the scale of courtesy and kindness.
Don Siegelman is concerned for other victims of
Government-gone-haywire; even more than he is
concerned for his own well-being.
Many of these are listed on the 52-part Pardon and Reprieve;
in Facebook group 126111847544449 ;
just as Governor Siegelman's
advocates express their support on
Facebook group FREEdashDONdotorg , as well as
Facebook group 551066938261213 - and many others.
Every case of injustice should be remedied:
in the words of William Penn*,


Don Siegelman is the most important victim of injustice.  
Should this good "acquaintance be forgot", then restoration
of justice in the United States 
is reduced to an Obama-era, too-little-too-late lottery
in which drug dealers are favored over Good Samaritans,
which this Governor was during his time in office,
as well as always.  
When the pressure groups came on for Governor Siegelman
to stay the execution of a woman who
had actually killed people in cold blood,
Don Siegelman paused to 
And we must, after all this delay and official denial,
return the favor without undue procrastination; by 
remembering and RESTORING JUSTICE to
Donald Eugene Siegelman
NOW that he is the victim of a horrible injustice;
a nightmare of election-rigging, an experience of being
stalked by wayward political operatives who tried to smear Don
and who actually wound up vindicating him. Yet still today,
this ancient prosecutorial piece of fraud continues to discredit
America in the eyes of the world - and rather than raise
objections to people who raise objections to us, it is up to US
It is our moral obligation as Americans to recognize
that yes, Government DOES MAKE MISTAKES, and the
watchword for Government in horrible cases of civil rights
denials which cause all types of harsh suffering is:

Mr. President: Please tweet:  
"Running from injustice?  NOT AN OPTION."

Then please let action follow words.  There are tens of thousands
of cases of nightmarish injustices inflicted by Government in the
USA - 
some of these not even involving a criminal accusation; and
involving only bureaucratic bungling.  But THIS CASE is the
most important; it is the SINE QUA NON of restoration of justice."
The response by Government in Washington, from the top,
to the request for a pardon for Don Siegelman, is THE 
LITMUS TEST of whether we as a Nation have the courage
to restore justice where it has been denied; or to shrink from
a task which is too arduous and difficult for a political system
whose feet are nailed to the floor by a "you-scratch-my-back-
and-I'll-scratch-yours" pay to play political environment of
favoritism, graft, and morally challenged individuals who
laugh up their sleeves at the idea that justice should be fair,
because they KNOW THE MONEY TRAIL. a
As Irv Homer would say about injustices low and high;

The Don Siegelman case is the cork in the bottle of injustice.

Mr. President: Please - or better yet, Pull-EASE:

Very truly yours, AND Thank You,
because I know you will do the common-sense
deed here, President Trump:

Chairman, Committee of 37 Peace Initiative
PO Box 877
Edgmont,  PA  19028-0877

The author of the YouTube videos THE AURA-FLAME #2
*My great-grandfather ten times removed, Tobias Leech,
sailed to America with William Penn, on one of his many
commutes.  Thomas Leech, also my direct ancestor through
the same family line, signed the original purchase order for
the State House Bell, in the order to London. Today the bell
is known as THE LIBERTY BELL.  The inscription on 
THE LIBERTY BELL is directly related to the Israelite 
JUBILEE OF PARDONS: "Proclaim liberty throughout 
all the land, unto ALL the inhabitants thereof."

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