Abolish the Obamacare Penalty Tax

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For the last three years, people without health insurance have been extorted by the Internal Revenue Service to pay a fine for not purchasing a product that is beyond affordable. A fine for not having a product is beyond comprehension. The fine money could actually be used to go to the doctor or to the eye doctor or dentist rather than going into the coffers of the government to be wasted on weapons or other things that do not help anyone. If people with existing conditions want to be able to get healthcare then the government should pass a law that prevents insurance companies from discriminating against them, not by forcing everybody to buy a product they cannot afford and be fined if they cannot! This is the wrong approach to a problem that can easily be fixed by reining in the insurance companies hold on our government. Obama was working for the insurance companies and allowed them to create a new revenue stream for themselves and the government and that is all it is for the 6 million plus people that are paying this fine.

Our family is spinning its wheels in this situation. We cannot afford health care and every extra cent we do manage to save disappears at the end of the year. and is leaving us in the hole at the start of every year. We start over trying to save and there it goes again!  An entire generation of young people are being forced to participate in something that they do not need, almost as if the government is simply training them to turn over money for no reason to the government. What happened to the carefree days of youth? What happened to being in charge of our own life and health? Repeal the Obamacare fine and let people keep their money for things they need.     

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