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We ask those who genuinely believe in Sub Board I, Inc. ("SBI"), a student voice, student empowerment, and student owned services, to stand with us by signing this petition and send a powerful message to the University at Buffalo.

For nearly fifty years, this student run non-profit organization has been the fiscal agent for the seven student governments and other corporate clients (including The Spectrum), and provided invaluable services to the students.

On Monday, May 6th, President Tripathi, Vice President Scott Weber and Vice President Laura Hubbard, made the decision to force the seven student governments to dissolve SBI, use the Faculty Student Association ("FSA") as a new fiscal agent, and eliminate the vital services provided to the University’s student community.  

President Tripathi has mandated the elimination of free legal consultations, free safety shuttle, student run radio, student run ticket office, and an off-campus housing database. We believe students should have access to free legal advice on-campus. President Tripathi believes free legal services for students have no place on-campus. We believe students should have access to a free safety shuttle. President Tripathi believes that having Uber/ Lyft is an acceptable alternative. We believe an independent campus radio station protects our rights to freedom of speech and expression. President Tripathi believes campus radio should be abolished. We believe a student run ticket office services the needs of students. President Tripathi believes it is unnecessary. We believe President Tripathi’s decision poses great risks to all students on this campus.

President Tripathi has directed the FSA be placed as the custodian of student funds. The same FSA recently involved in an embezzlement scandal. The same FSA who’s financial internal controls allowed employees, including former University at Buffalo Vice President Dennis Black, to steal over $300,000. President Tripathi thinks it wise to take student fees away from an organization that has been in operation, without issue, for nearly fifty years and give them to an FSA tarnished by fraud and deception.

President Tripathi’s conclusions came from a flawed “Administrative Review” of SBI, which purpose was veiled in deceit as an inquiry to gain a better understanding of our operations in preparation for a long sought contractual relationship. The committee that conducted the administrative review of SBI was made up of six members from UB administration with no student representation, three of which sit on the Board of Directors of FSA alongside Vice President Laura Hubbard, who helped form the administrative review committee.

When the University and President Tripathi steps in and strong arms students to make decisions, that may not be in the best interests of students, it is up to the students and the community to stand together and say this is unacceptable and that we will not give in.

You can voice your opinion via email to the following individuals:

President Tripathi (

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Thank you.

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