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Stop the Re-park Program at CSU

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President Frank,

I am deeply concerned about the article I just read in the Rocky Mountain Collegian about what to expect with the new stadium.

Let me say that I am an out of state student, like many of my classmates and coworkers, and we pay a very high price for tuition. On top of this, there are very expensive parking permits that need to be purchased. We pay all of this because CSU is my dream school and has excellent educational programs.

But now, the school is putting football above safety, security and convenience. You are expecting students in dorms to move their cars for your football dollar. They pay for parking permits. We live and work in the residence halls. I am an RA at Ingersoll Hall, so I put a lot of time into ensuring our students feel safe in the residence halls. This is our home. Students should come first. Demanding that students repark their cars and move them to a parking garage is ludicrous. Students who work off campus or need their cars for an emergency must go all the way to College to retrieve their car.

This is OUR home. We have the right to live and park here. We pay for parking permits. If this is your choice, then all students in these residence halls should have free parking for the extreme inconvenience. If a student works off campus and lives in one of the dorms being re-parked, then they have to move their car before 4, walk back, and then catch a bus to work? How is this going to work? What if I need my car for an emergency, which is why I bought it? What if I have plans on a Friday night but now can not access my car easily or safely after dark? 

I am so extremely disappointed in CSU. Inconveniencing students for the football dollar. I was always proud of this school for caring for students but this shows otherwise.

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