Re-open the Aquino-Galman murder case

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Dear President Rodrigo R Duterte

For 33 1/2 years since August 21,1983, Filipinos have been wanting to know the truth nehind the Aquino-Galman double murder case. Notwithstanding the contrversies that attended the conclusipns of the Agrava Commission in 1983 which resulted in Minority and Majority Reports being separately submitted by its Chairman and Members, respectively, and the reopening of the trial upon order of a post-EDSA Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Claudi Teehankee after it reversed the acquital of all accused by Sandiganbayan under Justice Manuel Pamaran in the first trial which new trial eventually led to the conviction the 16 accused in 1990, the public's interest in the truth has never been truly served.
In more recent developments, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2009 directed the Department of Justice to find ex-air force Captain Felipe Valerio in connection with the order of arrest issued by the Sandiganbayan in 2005. The arrest and extradition of Valerio could pave the way for a second reopening of the case in order to unmask the real mastermind. This is because Valerio has not been subjected to a preliminary investigation he having left the country before being served the subpoena in 1983.
Each criminal case is prosecuted in the name of the people of the Philippines because it is in society's interrst that the guilty be punished and justice be served. In this case, though punishment has been meted, Filipinos know that Justice has not been servred. This is why many Filipinos still persist in trying to fathom the truth. Only Government, with its vast resouces, can help the people in this regard. It is ironic that two Aquinos have becom Presidents yet they showed no interest in satiating thr Filipinos' demand to know the truth. Amidst all the controvercy theories thathabr sprung up, a new one stands out and it is this: Perhaps the two Aquino Presidents have found out the truth, but refuse to share it to the out of political convenience. Thus, a large segment of the people frel betrayed. The truth belongs to the people, considering the pains they have had to endure to get from there to here.
We, who have endured decades of the denial of truth, some of whom have been forced to live in ignominy by misguided media, appeal to you to reopen the investigation through the immediate arrest and extradition of Ex-Air Force Captain FELIPE VALERIO so that closurr and justice can finally be served to the Filipino People. In the alternative, we beg you to appoint a Truth Commission to investigate the case once more, and this time share the truth with us, the Filipino People.


Respectfully yours,

Col Reynaldo C. Cabauatan (ret.)

Nat'l. Chairman, Movement for National Salvation


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