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Deny Executive Clemency of Cornelio Pasco, Found Guilty of the Crime Kidnap for Ransom

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We  express our most vehement opposition in the proposed grant of executive clemency for the following person:

 PASCO, CORNELIO y CALIXTO “NEO”                  N214P-2797

We are disappointed at the possibility that the people who kidnapped Mr. Jose S. Clemente, Jr., an incident which led directly to his death, will be set free.

We are deeply concerned for the safety of our individual family members because we have reason to believe that this criminal will waste no time in pursuing further acts of violence. We fear for our lives, we fear for our children, and we fear for the lives of our loved ones should these people be allowed to walk the streets again. The victim’s family went through so much hardship and pain during the the trial of the kidnappers.

Mr. Clemente is just one of the many victims of the above named prisoner. To deliberately set this man free is contrary to our President’s categorical stance against crime.

          This person should remain imprisoned, for the safety of our families and the general public. We respectfully submit our position that as a criminal found guilty of committing the heinous act of kidnapping for ransom, he does not deserve the benefit of executive clemency as provided by our Laws.

          We hope we have made our position categorically and respectfully clear as to whether this miscreant deserves to breathe the air as a free man. For our families safety and the rest of the general public, he should and must remain imprisoned.   


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