Justice for Sabeeh

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This 17 years young boy died of negligence , ignorance and mistakes of doctors. .
There were symptoms of cancer . For confirmation, he was taken to (FMH) Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shaadman for biopsy. DR ASIM MALIK surgeon and DR KHALID UBAID (head of anesthesia ) gave him general anesthesia without informing his parents . he collapsed after the anesthesia and got on ventilator for 20 days . He was continuously given sedition of presidex IG.
The staff and doctors didn't pay attention towards the patient.
Before giving anesthesia the patient was saying that he was unable to breathe when he lay down but the doctor didn't took his words seriously. ..
DR ASIM MALIK said that surgery would take 20 to 25 minutes but it took 6 HOURS
Due to that lack of oxygen In brain his whole body got effected and after 20 days he died...
I beg you, to bring Sabeeh justice, so more patients don’t die due to negligence of Doctors and I request you to discard or cancel the practice of these doctors and take strict action against them.