End the U.S. Government shutdown and prevent leaks of secret information from the CIA

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A new Edward Snowden has popped up on the web recently. He leaks secret information about the U.S. intelligence operatives and their activity. A certain Allen Moore, who says he is an acting CIA agent, has posted on Facebook that a senior official at Germany's Federal Foreign Office Maximillian (Max) Josef Maldacker is allegedly a CIA informant. Allen Moore goes quite deep in exposing the spying activity of Mr. Maldacker, currently a Consul General of Germany in France, who has been working for the U.S. intelligence for over 20 year. Although Facebook blocked Allen Moore's page the information is still spreading not only on the social network but on other websites as well, including those belonging to hackers.

The leak confirms that the Government is no longer able to secure sensitive information. This country has yet to recover from the treachery of the ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden who revealed information about the U.S. intelligence activity irreparably harming national security, interests of the United States and reputation of American intelligence agencies.

This new whistleblower is a direct consequence of the prolonged government shutdown. The U.S. political parties are too concerned with their confrontation. It has jeopardized the situation in the country and has adversely affected the work of all government institutions including the CIA which has failed to secure sensitive information. We call for an immediate end of the shutdown and resuming proper work of the Government. The administration and the Congress should settle their differences to avert any further leaks. We believe the new Snowden's activity ought to be stopped as soon as possible lest it causes some irreparable damage. We ask everyone who cares about this country's well-being to support us and sign the petition.