Justice for MK Ultra, Monarch, Human Trafficking Victims

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As the victim of MK Ultra, Monarch, PSYOPS abuse, friend of many victimized people, creator and admin of my Facebook group Children Be Safe (15,200 members), I share the attached movies as the proof for the ritual abuse and trafficking in the music industry, in America, in the world, and I appeal to the world leaders and organizations for help to the trafficked people and for the justice in the courts and in the cases of human victimization, thefts, slavery and MK Ultra, Monarch, PSYOPS abuse crimes. I attach my new publication and evidence for the organized crime :

Music Industry, Trafficking, Monarch Slave, Physical and Psychological abuse, movies part 1 & 2

Thank you for the Psychological Evaluation, Dr Collins from Milwaukee, that says that I am ok to participate in the court process.
When it comes to your suggestion that I may need some ~ not a therapy, but ~ a training/program, so I am strictly on track with the court process (never had such my whole life); So ... Let's say I do not say in public a word about the abuse I went through, if the court does not give a damn care ... Then, up to my logical and sound recognition, such a suggestion may be possibly beyond your competences, Dr Collins, but should appear in the professional schedules and the responsibilities of the public defender, who until now, for a quite a few weeks time, did yet nothing at all in the role of the DEFENDER, but victimized me, THE VICTIM, with a long, abusive, humiliating, offending, ignorant psychological evaluation session, and did not even mentioned in the court all the wide, dated and printed evidence I provided in the printed files (and gathered much more that I did not have a chance to share it with the public defender, who ignored my phone call) that the offender, aggressor, who attacked me physically lied to the police.

I may be DEFINITELY on track with a professionals and a fair, honest, valuable people in the court, I may not be on track with an amateurs, liars, with the abusers of the victim.

Most Sincerely,

Songwriter, Singer, Admin for over a 15,200 members group on Facebook - Children Be Safe, that exposes child and human trafficking, ritual abuse, co-worker with Intel Of Corruption group, ITTC and other quite a few organizations,

Iwona Gapinska - Shamsan.

PS I keep my friends and interested parties updated with the following movies, the second part just posted::



After being victimized by Nautilus Records, who owe me approx $30,000, and then by my relative in US who offered to help, but then was attacking me not to tell one bad word about the satanic whoredom traffickers Nautilus Records, masquerading as Christians), but cut me away from the internet (when my Mother
in Poland was starting chemotherapy), and attacked me physically to steal my phone and laptop, and music equipment, the police totally refused to take any of my reports. The cousin, after a year of knowing me, tried to marry me into their family friend Tony, I was not interested. She offended me I am crazy for that I am Vegan, crazy for I have my Facebook group Children Be Safe (btw, with over a 15,000 members) , attacked me physically. When I reported her attack she lied to the police, she told them I have a mental problem and that I attacked her,
I am new to Wisconsin, they ignored my tears, my victimization, my reports repeatedly.
Her false accusation caused the court order of my psychological evaluation, where for about an hour I was humiliated, offended,
hypnotically persuaded by the psychologist Dr Collins that I am guilty. The evaluation says I am ok and fine to take part in the court
process, but the psychologist suggested that I may have a problem "to follow on track with the court process", and the that is related to that I said in the interview a bit more than the answers to her ignorant, offending, humiliating, my guilt persuading on and on questions. I apply for the second evaluation, where I may not add too many words from myself, but I am not going to be silent in the public court, when they will treat me like a piece of nothing, like a toy to beat and abuse and mock, offend me and mock with lies and criminal operations.

Iwona Gapinska

Yvonne Shamsan

Admin for Children Be Safe group on Facebook.