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My daughter Dawn Nguyen was found guilty of falsifying a business record which is a white-collar nonviolent crime. In all cases prior involving a similar crime and no prior record, the defendent received probation. Dawn received a sentence of a total of eight years in prison, although the recommended sentencing guidelines were 18-24 months. She has spent a total of four years in prison as of April.

She knows the value of an education and was working toward a degree in Business Administration before she was arrested. Currently, and throughout her time in prison she has taken classes to try to further her education.
She has worked in the childcare unit taking care of the babies of other inmates. Some of them sick and drug-addicted. She is compassionate, loving, and honest and was an ideal candidate to work with the babies and their mothers.

Currently, she is such a low-risk inmate that she has a gate pass and is allowed to work outside of the prison. They don't just allow any person to work outside of the prison; this is a federal prison we're talking about. She has kept her head down and stayed out of any kind of trouble, and is respectful above anything else.

Dawn had never been in ANY kind of legal trouble before this incident. She was working and attending SUNY Geneseo, trying to make a better life for herself. She spent much of her free time with her family, especially her nieces. She loved helping them with their math homework or binge watching shows with them, and they love her more than anything.

I am asking you to please sign this petition if you feel that Dawn has served her time. She has already spent more time in prison than others who have been charged with this exact crime. As I mentioned before, many charged with the same crime, spend absolutely no time in prison. The crime she was convicted of was not a malicious or evil crime; there was no wrongdoing or ill will on her part, and for anyone that knows her, you know in your heart this to be true. Dawn is a different breed of human. She doesn't care what people think just as much as she doesn't care to judge other people. She is kind-hearted, supportive, and the most genuine person you could hope to meet.

She has a family who loves and supports her. She has a job lined up and wants to finish her bachelor’s degree. Please help me right a wrong in our justice system. We have tried everything and will continue to fight. Please help in this battle by signing and sharing this petition. The goal is to get enough signatures to influence Donald Trump in viewing Dawn's commutation papers.
"Commutation is a form of clemency that reduces the punishment for a crime. It usually takes the form of a reduced (“commuted”) prison term, but can also reduce court-ordered fines." We are hoping Trump will grant her release, as she has currently served over half her sentence. The punishment in this case did not fit the crime; she was sentenced as a substitute defendent for someone else's crimes. The court of public opinion and the media did not help her case but it was obvious the image they were trying to portray. The prosecutors and media were wrong in using her to further their political agenda (aka: the NYS Safe Act)
Dawn has handled this entire ordeal with grace and humility and we really just want her home where she belongs.
Thank you so much for helping us in this battle. God Bless.

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