SODELPA Fiji remove Mosese Bulitavu and Aseri Radrodro from Parliament NOW

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SODELPA Fiji remove Mosese Bulitavu and Aseri Radrodro from Parliament NOW

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Freedom Hope Glory started this petition to President of the Social Democratic Liberal Party and

On the 05 December 2015, a management board of the SODELPA heard from a Party Disciplinary Committee, findings that showed that Hon. Mosese Bulitavu of Vanualevu had breach Party-lines by 1.) Leaking information 2.) Defaming the Leader of Opposition and 3.) Going against the Party's stand and manifesto standing on the Bose Levu Vaka-turaga

The Management Board of SODELPA asked persons close to the Leader of Opposition to eject themselves from the Board, and they opted to pardon Bulitavu. Before this, Bulitavu was calling for the Opposition Leader to Resign for accusations he made against her!

It has come to our attention via a relative of a wife of a MP, that Hon. Aseri Radrodro has been meeting with Attorney General, and working to remove Hon. Biman Prasad from the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee.

Hon. Biman is the choice of the Leader of Opposition and by working to remove him is a breach of Party lines also.




Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa today broke her silence on the ongoing issue of the Mosese Bulitavu, Aseri Radrodro led Gaunavinaka report.

Ro Teimumu said she attended the SODELPA Management Board meeting held on Saturday 5th December when the Disciplinary Committee tabled its final determination and recommendations on the Bulitavu, Radrodro Gaunavinaka Report.

Ro Teimumu said Mosese Bulitavu, Aseri Radrodro and others made damaging and false accusations against her and others with their discredited document.

The Disciplinary Committee involves senior members of the party and the lawyer in the group is a respected member of the legal fraternity. The following is what the Committee recommended:-
On financial mismanagement, the members reaffirmed that the claims were false and unsubstantiated, and dismissed all allegations against me, Hon Ratu Isoa Tikoca, Hon Salote Radrodro, Laufitu Malani and Mick Beddoes.

They recommended the expulsion of Hon Mosese Bulitavu.
That is essentially what the Executive Summary of the report spelt out.

Compare the facts of the Executive Summary that I have outlined with the official statement issued by the General Secretary of SODELPA and it becomes obvious that certain officials in the party have for reasons best known to them, hidden the truth from our people.

This is totally unacceptable and it goes against the basic principles and values of the party and sadly these elements were missing from the Management Board's decision and media release which were made without the concurrence of all of its members.

The Disciplinary Committee had full powers to make its recommendations and in the interests of justice and fairness and to maintain its impartiality the Management Board should have fully endorsed the recommendations.

After the tabling of the Disciplinary Committee’s report I, and others, who had been exonerated were asked to leave the meeting room.

What followed was the Management Board's 'pardon' of Hon Mosese Bulitavu for his reprehensible and disloyal behaviour. The pardon came after northern delegates threatened to leave SODELPA if Hon Bulitavu was expelled as recommended.

This decision by the Board is regrettable because they allowed themselves to be blackmailed. There is no evidence to indicate any of our accusers made any apology and neither had any of them shown remorse. Decisions made under 'threat' are flawed and compromised. Once this type of precedent is set, a political party exposes itself to further threats. It puts itself on a slippery slope.

No one is forced to become a member of SODELPA and neither are members forced to stay with the party. If they don't like the outcome of the party's Disciplinary Committee, they are free to resign.

SODELPA members have been looking forward to the resolution of the dispute involving the discredited allegations by Mosese Bulitavu, Aseri Radrodro and others. The Disciplinary Committee did the task entrusted to it.

However the Management Board’s actions in ignoring the recommendation on Hon Bulitavu has brought SODELPA into greater disrepute.

This ongoing disorder and dysfunctionality within the party executive must stop now, we cannot and must not allow disloyal members and disruptive elements to hold the entire party to ransom. The only benefactors to this deliberately created crisis continuing is Fiji First and we must all oppose this vigorously.

I call on all our loyal party supporters to rally behind us and help me bring about a change in SODELPA away from its current secretive, divisive and destructive stance to a more credible, accountable and transparent party.

Authorized By: Hon Ro Teimumu Kepa

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This petition had 61 supporters