Paleckis’ Affair: Revising Dreyfus Affair in Lithuania

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Algirdas Paleckis, a Lithuanian diplomat, the 1st secretary at Lithuania's Permanent Mission to the EU in Brussels, former Division Head at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, former leader of the Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania, was secretly arrested in October 2018. He is still in prison. Investigators suspect him of ‘an intention to arrange kidnapping of several Lithuanian prosecutors’, and ‘espionage on behalf of Russia’. Algirdas Paleckis had imprisonment term extended several times. He suffers rough conditions making a risk to his health. His last medical examination reads that he is weighting 57 kg being 188 cm tall. Since he has been detained, he got a permission to meet his wife just once. Other relatives are not allowed. Nor Algirdas Paleckis has a right to meet journalists. The media are not allowed to trials either. It is only letters Algirdas Paleckis is writing to his supporters which is his last way to contact world.

The Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania is running a campaign to back Algirdas Paleckis. During the campaign, over 10 activists were exposed to repressions by law enforcement and intelligence bodies. Among the tools were searches in their houses, several-month-arrests, threats and intimidation.

It all results of intention to discredit not only left-wing ideas in Lithuania, but also any display of social protests. Increasing popularity of the far-right and raise of Holocaust criminals supported by the authorities must be intolerable in an EU-country as they contradict democracy principals. Those protesting against militarization of the country within NATO programs and advocating peace are chased in Lithuania by the far-right and are called ‘Kremlin agents’ by the authorities. In this situation solidarity with progressive European forces is vitally important for protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms in Lithuania.

The Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania urges all activists of progressive parties and movements to oppose persecutions of left activists in Lithuania, demand for release of Algirdas Paleckis, providing access to his court trials for any media and social activists, permission for his relatives, colleagues, and journalists to visit him.