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Stop Passport Fraud At Ghana Embassy In Berlin

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The role of the Ghana Missions Abroad is to serve the interest of its citizens and act in representation of the Presidency and the Nation at large in the interest of Nation building.

Without mincing words, the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Berlin is a total fraud and the presidency should respond to the cries of Ghanaians living Abroad of which the Embassy in Berlin is responsible for us.

After 60 years of independence, a country as naturally endowed as Ghana is still struggling to find its feet. With the trust that the current Government has promised as Change, Change should take an immediate effect at the Embassy of the Republic of Ghana.

A disgusting ROT and FRAUD goes on at this Embassy. Out of a 100 who visit this embassy, only 10 (if am not exaggerating) speaks well of them. This cannot go on as having a passport is our Right as a Ghanaian. The Embassy is there to frustrate Ghanaians living Abroad. Charging for services they have no intention of delivering

The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Berlin operates a clear Syndicate of Fraud:

  1.  No Customer Service: You will call this Embassy from Morning to Dawn and no one picks up
  2. Reports of Ghanaian passports sold to the highest bidder. Ghanaian passports sold to Nigerians
  3. Exorbitant Fees charged for Passport Processing.
  4. The charade of EXPRESS PROCESS OF PASSPORT PROCESSING - Embassy charges €400.00 for Express processing of 2 Weeks (Which end up taking close to 6 months. When you are lucky you get it as early as the 2nd or 3rd month)

For the same Passport, it is processed in Netherland for €190 and €200 In Italy and passport gets ready as advertised.

My Last Visit to the Embassy after 11 hours of driving to Berlin, I was told my passport is delaying because they currently have no good Internet Connection. When I can access FREE WIFI in the bus station, my Embassy has no internet after taking my €400.

This petition is just one step among many planned actions against the Embassy. A joined Law Suit is currently underway as their mode of operations is a Case of Fraud. The advertised product is different from what is served.

You do not take money from citizens and then refuse to pick up calls, no emails, No Passport - JUST STORIES.

Out 73 Online Reviews of the Embassy, only 5 Gave a good remark of their Service

WEBSITE: to collect stories and Testimonies of Victims currently underway

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