Withdrawal and cancellation of the FCI world dog show 2019 in China

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World Dog Show in China is a disgrace and an insult for the dog owners. Organizing this "show" in a country where the dogs are skinned alive, boiled alive, burned alive, tortured to death because "they taste better" is sick.

FCI you are sick, is all about money and politics. Big fat politicians, this is a crime and a disgrace. Any breeder who loves, respect and cares about his dogs should nou be a part of this crime. Shame on you FCI, between you and those sick criminal beasts are no difference.

How these people can be considered dog-lovers if they are planning the World Dog Show 2019 in China, the cruelest country towards animals in the world? They could try to make changes in China (if they want such events to be in their country), to make them pass animal protecting laws first, but they just did nothing. Horrible organization. Money is the only thing they think about.