Amend Corrupt legislature .Instill Secularism

Amend Corrupt legislature .Instill Secularism

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Our Country is corrupted by unreasoning and irrational bookwork. Lack of intelligence in  theory and practice and a convoluted directive in thinking which isn't a concerted effort of many, but the meanderings of many in power.. Uncontrolled and unchallenged because of, sadly, a lack of English and knowledge thereof.  We, the people of Sri Lanka, had a modicum of  harmony, before the ethnic riots of a 30 year war against one community who was disheartened by the negligence in not treating them fairly in a mixed community of  several ethnicities.  That was exacerbated (increased, spiraled) by the placement of other majority groups, depending on people in power,. either voted rightfully or by -placement of people whose weightage was in favour of their own. A glaring example is. Buddhism which is a philosophy being made a religion and extremist forces to implement which is clearly a farce in equity. There are three major communities, Tamil (Hindu), Muslim  (islaam, Arabic) and Sinhala (Buddhist, Pali Sanskrit and Chapawa) besides several other minority regimes say (Colombo Chetty, (christian and English), Burgher (Christian Anglican etc. English)  who are afflicted by the burgeoning threat to their freedom, the sad terrorist attack of April 2019 shows the needs of another in our country who is afflicted by the superiority given to one when there are  21,413,249 citizens per UN statistics in 2020. Therefore Secularism is a must where no religion takes precedence and publications in English, plus the mother tongue of choice, which gives anyone the right to migrate and work overseas and be treated with respect.

The solution?  A team and panel of intelligent, educated and highly respected Professors and intellectuals who are aware of the repercussions that could arise if "suggest" becomes a law and it should be minus any religious interference, too many if and do this, versus, no if and do not. Secularism across the board. We are Sri Lankan and we are united. One may recommend the approach in France for secularism to protect the citizens of their country versus, the beheadings done by the "citizens"

The reason is the Books (Constitution)  and tomes of Sedition, Building Regulations of 1989,  created by the Ministers  which is so glaringly deficient in human rights and is so disgustingly convoluted so as to give privileges to the ruling incumbent and community advantages though clearly against the law. The following is merely one such example of 2000+ illegal buildings and attitudes   and it is at 2C Sukhastan Gardens, Colombo 7. Three violations of human rights from Tamil, to Muslim to Sinhala via the Mayor's and their cronies and blatant robbery of rights of way by Banks and independent organisations sadly lacking in ethics, legality and morality and NO CONTROL OVER their actions because they are imperturbably embedded in systems of corruption that are beyond description but identifiable in a contradiction of laws and mores. The writers and authorities mentioned herein forget that they are dealing WITH PUBLIC FUNDS. 

For example,  the Assessors department states that a building is livable, when the planning department condemns the building. the President instructs the CMC to issue certificates of conformity  in one month without any knowledge of (feigned ignorance?) 2000+ illegal buildings one which is as given above.  There are several more as seen by the multitude of Court cases which are the blood stream of the lawyers but cannot be afforded by the victims. This is a bane on humans and only benefit the Litigants and their representatives because their ultimate aim is to Rob the possessions of others as endorsed by some individual who has, otherwise, no place in society, but thrives as parasites do in exercising anonymous power over the privileged, maybe house owner, or human rights offended. 

The Image shows a decision made by a Mayor,  at that time, the brother of the Minister of the Urban Development authority, who states that "he saw nothing wrong in giving an extra floor to the builders".  The zone  states that you can have only a ground plus one in less than 20 perches of land. The site was only 6 perches  and added to by a subsequent purchase of 5 perch from an adjacent owner, who did cheat the buyer because he promised rights of way which he never had. You may have documents to prove all of this but it's futile and useless.. .

You may go to court as I did, and win, but when you look around you, the majority robs, cheats, lies, and perverts the law because there is flexibility in "the laws" where one page contradicts  the other within two pages between, sometimes even in the same clause one paragraph down. And our exalted constitution of course.  I have won 18721/L roads in 2004,  Ancestral walls.15991/6, in 2004, Court of appeal in CA866/2008 heard in 2012, and the judge ignores a line which states "Exceeded Plot coverage" and gives undertakings to the builders who need to own the roads before they can build, (a minor omission when your community is at risk?) and it goes to another community who buys the same building and the new Mayor gives a certificate of conformity, despite all the illegalities to help his buddy. who sells the property to a thug who has even assaulted the police and though evading arrest, can be heard ridiculing his prostitutes and not paying them their fees, though he provides them with a  bed for business. Raided about 6 years ago, but building not demolished. Most disgusting is a toilet in front of your front door from windows which are given in "undertakings" when it should be a blind wall. 5 years later, with robbed funds, the building is now 5 storeys and encroaching on every adjacent street and property. 

Add, that in 2016, you then get your file for demolition of the building approved, and it goes to Court of Appeal after lying idle for 3 years in the Magistrates Court and wings its way to the HRCA 125/19 where it is then withdrawn by the UDA.  The obvious cure is to make a panel of judges  who are not of the Petitioner nor of the defendants. Very easy in a country where there are minorities of different communities. What they lack in credentials, (not lawyers but mere business people with acumen, and a knowledge of what is right and wrong, is sufficient to implement justice. (not summarily dismiss life because the writer raises a moral query against actions of the ruling).. This  should be in the Parliament, and given two days each month to rectify the anomalies in the legislature.

It appears to be impossible to get the judiciary to act in a manner conducive to control. I have no suggestions on how to rectify the back patting between officio.  A younger team, without seasoned offenders who remain stagnant in their seats since 1971.  Why 1971? The year I lost my father and all things decent died along with him in our country. 

38 have signed. Let’s get to 50!