Give Kanizan Bibi the #justice and #mercy she deserves! Bring to justice those who torture

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Kanizan Bibi is a Pakistani woman on death row since 1989. Kanizan continues to languish on death row, despite strong evidence of innocence, and nearly 29 years behind bars. She was sacrified by the village people to prevent more trouble. Police tortured her with canes, electrolucting and mice forcing her to confession. She is mentally disabled and has not uttered a word for 10 years. Despite all she was given death penalty by court. She was declared unfit for execution and has recieved three death warrants only to be saved from execution at the last moment.

The president of Pakistan has not granted mercy in a single clemency appeal since the uplifting of the moratorium on the death penalty in December 2014, as documented by Justice Project Pakistan in their new report. Ask Goverment of Pakistan to give her justice.