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Totally Ban Bigg Boss

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Because this show neither is entertaining nor does it gives any good message to people. It is spreading a wrong message that being abusive, manner less, arrogant, vulgar and cheap is something which can earn TRP for the show. This show broadcasts vulgar moves, nasty fights, racism and even sexuality. There are bunch of celebrities who think they have god like status and will go to such an extent that now this show is intolerable. Personal attack is very common in this show and even the Management doesn’t try to control it. It claims to be a entertainment show, but this is a full package which can move children and teenagers in a wrong way. In this season we have already seen racism, vulgar moves and personal attacks by each and every contestant and they are not ashamed of themselves. Children below 18 should not watch this program, otherwise their future will be destroyed. Everyone understands the meaning of beep. It clearly says that slang word was used. In this show women are abused personally and then even a word sorry is passed to them ...This is something joke. It means saying sorry you will be a saint and everything will be fine. This is disgusting. This show sends clear message to the people that abuse as much as possible, send vulgar gesture, do racism and always do nasty personal attack. If this is Big Boss then Govt must ban it.

The example of mental harassment is the example of Akash. This man continuously tried to woo a girl called Luchinda. He demanded hugs, kisses and so much. This is not funny. On the national television you can't misbehave with a lady and i don't know how the show masters are taking these issues normally.This man tried to get advance with the girl and when he failed, voted her out. She is a foreigner and if this kind of behaviour is shown to her then we better what kind of image we are putting before the world.Simply she was misbehaved by that man and another ugly brat called Punish Sharma  said that she was enjoying....How disgusting is this. If we behave like this , how can we better our image.

In the last nomination to vote any padoshis out of the house Shilpa Shinde gave a very nasty reason against Luchinda. The reason was because she is not Indian, she should not get support from any one. This is racism. Remember when Shilpa Shetty was facing racism and the whole world stood for her..What are we doing? Is this the way to behave with our guests and in our culture guests are respected like God. 

How disgusting is this. We spread racism and eye teasing and still we are happy.

Immediately take steps to stop this show.

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One more disgusting thing happened yesterday night

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