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President of India, New Delhi.: professionalise the preparation and maintenance of voters' lists in India

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Respected Sir

Elections after elections, we in Bangalore have been finding that the voters' lists, maintained and published by the office of Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka, faulty to huge extents, across all constituencies. Very many efforts, by various individuals and NGO's with specialised knowledge and understanding of the field, to interact with the CEO's office in order to improve the accuracy (some samples can be accessed here 1), have helped marginally, if at all, leaving the lists still largely inaccurate. And, what comes across clearly from the interactions, is the incapacity of the CEO's office to handle the job.

And, Sir, if this is the situation in the technology capital of the country, I expect the situation can't be any better in the rest of the country either. This, I wish to submit, is causing serious subversion of the democratic process, at the very first stage itself, apart from posing a serious threat to national security, since the ID cards issued by the CEO are generally accepted without questioning across all government agencies. Correction of this anomalous situation, you will appreciate, Sir, has to be the first priority of the country if it wants to call itself a true democracy.

The preparation and maintenance of the electoral list across the country is a very specialised job, and it requires handling by professionals, as much as the back-end work involved in issual of passports, which is now being handled by TCS, and Income Tax returns processing, which is being handled by Infosys. This job also has likewise to be handed over to a professional agency, and then we can hope to achieve even upto 99% accuracy levels, within a matter of months, from the less than 50% existing today (in some of the constituencies, as once admitted by the CEO himself).

None less than a Cabinet Minister in the Karnataka government, Mr S Suresh Kumar, has himself acknowledged this aspect, through a statement made to the press, accessible here 2.

I request you, therefore, Sir, to order the Election Commission and all its state subsidiaries to undertake the needful in the matter, so that in the next round of elections (which is not very far away), we can hope to elect the right kind of people to represent us.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,

Muralidhar Rao


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