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Stop killing stray dogs

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Mr. President, I write this petition on behalf of a lot of animal lovers in Egypt and outside Egypt. I write this petition on behalf of all poor souls suffering everyday on the streets either by poisoning, shooting or abusing. Mr. President I know you are a kind person and you can stop this by only one word to be given to the authorities " Please stop killing strays" and to punish anyone who abuse them. Animal Lovers are suffering everyday from what they see but we can not save all animals of Egypt.

Mr. President , it was a very civilized World Youth Forum but we need to be more civilized by dealing with other creatures, God will never forgive those who kill or abuse them with no mercy.

We have to study other solutions done by pioneers, there are other solutions rather than killing.

I know that Islamic Religion is religion of mercy , we have to prove that to the whole world. In addition that we have a president with golden heart who will understand our point of view.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope to find something in the news very soon that the country stop to kill street animals and there will be a strict punishment to those who abuse them. By that decision, you will make millions of animal lovers very happy and appreciate what you do.

Thank you so much for your understanding.


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