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Africa is the richest in the world but the exploration of our resources including human does not benefit us. It is estimated that the resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo alone can sustain the whole of Africa. This however is not the case as we have over the years produced self-seeking and greedy leaders across the continent. I got up today with a broken heart to have realized that the President of DR Congo approved oil drilling in the Unesco World Heritage Sites that home endangered gorillas! What is wrong with us?

Virunga is the oldest national park and a home of over half the worlds' population of mountain gorillas. The government of DR Congo has recently approved oil drilling activities in this renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site! We need to stop this to protect wildlife and our ecosystem!

We all do understand the effects of our exploration on our environment…if you are unaware let me please remind you of a couple. It contributes significantly to air pollution which kills 6 times more than malaria and 4 times more than HIV/AIDS, it disrupts food production, it is detrimental to the sustenance of ecosystems which supports our survival as humans, it is linked to climate change which significantly affects our life especially in Africa, the list goes on!

I am writing this to call on individuals, organizations, activists and movements to mention but a few to stop the government of DR Congo from undertaking the recently approved project to drill oil in Virunga! Let us take action now! Please sign the petition!