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Put Missy Elliot on the $20 Bill

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I recognize that I am asking all of you - all supporters of this movement - to join me in the unenviable position of arguing AGAINST Harriet Tubman.  Let's focus LESS on that and more on these positives:

-Missy Elliot is the Emily Dickinson of hip-hop

-Wouldn't it be cool to have ONE relatively modern person on our money?

-Missy Elliot has a handful of number one albums of her own, and she produced 82% of the music that came out between 1998-2010.  She has more money than everyone you know put together.  The mixtape you are currently working on?  She produced three tracks on your mixtape and you didn't even know it.

-While mainstream hip-hop objectifies women, and the majority of female hip-hop artists traffic in the same retro- feminist responses to such objectification, Missy Elliot somehow invents a new response.  What is that response?  I'm not sure. That's why it's so awesome.  It's hard to describe.  Whatever it is it involves: a.) being just better than everyone else b.) having bees crawl on your face and other shit c.) wearing big blow-up garbage bags and still d.) talking about your vagina and all of its human needs.  It's so great.

-Hip-hop is enormously popular.  30% of America rejects it thoughtlessly.  60% of America accepts it thoughtlessly.  If it's going to become pop, Obama, I think it's important to put someone who is doing it RIGHT on the face of our most important currency (1, 5 and 10 dollars are for marks and busters, 50's and up are for the 1 percenters...$20 bills are the salt of the earth.)

Finally...let's just do something different.  Imagine a world where everyone - from your pastor to your nuclear scientist to your cousin who lives in the mountains and keeps bees - walks around with a picture (or pictures) of Missy Elliot in their pocket.  Let's do it!  Why not?  My goal is 500,000 signatures.  PLEASE HELP!

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